5 Beautiful Birthday cake design ideas

Selecting a birthday cake design for yourself or for someone else who loves you or for the person you love? This is really a difficult decision that you have to make. And this decision make more difficult when you see the various  birthday cake designs


70 WordPress Themes for Fashion Magazine

Finding a fashion theme that will fit your fashion magazine is not very easy for you do not have an ordinary magazine that can make do with a content centric WordPress theme. This is about making an impactful style statement without diluting the seriousness of


Free Vector – Download Mega Illustration Pack for Free

Hello, guys! Today, we have an awesome free vector pack, courtesy of our friends at DesignShock and especially for designsmag visitors. They have created a huge bundle of infographics that you can open and modify with Adobe Illustrator. The idea is that you open the


30+ Modern and Unique Envelope Design

Envelopes are the one of the key element for marketing. Especially Companies use different styles and kind of envelopes to attract their clients and customers and they use them as a tool. Modern and Unique envelope design, will immediately get the attention of the receiver,

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Top 10 Modern Credit Card Designs

Top 10 Modern Credit Card Designs You will rarely see a person’s wallet without credit cards. Many people today have their own credit cards from different financing companies such as EMV merchant processing Cincinnati. Mostly, these people’s wallets are packed with various credit cards. Some