Excellent Informative Forums For Bloggers

Participating in these forums will give you firm ground of the blogging basics,and will also give good exposure to your blog.

Bloggeries Forum

It is one of the best discussion forums for bloggers. Here you will find tons of useful information on blogging. Lots of relevant sub-forums and very helpful community. Bloggeries also maintain a blog directory, where you can submit your blog for more targeted traffic.

BloggerForum1 Designsmag Excellent Informative Forums For Bloggers

Authority Blogger Forum

I would highly recommend joining this forum maintained by Chris Garrett. Very helpful community, a perfect mix of seasoned bloggers, newbies and tech geeks. Here you will find almost nil spam entries. Excellent moderation and prompt replies to your questions.

BloggerForum3 Designsmag Excellent Informative Forums For Bloggers

Digital Point Forum:

If you want tons of free traffic for your blog, then you must join and take active part in this forum. Very high traffic forum with large community base. Dozens of sub-forums on almost very topic a blogger is concerned with.

BloggerForum4 Designsmag Excellent Informative Forums For Bloggers

Blogging Tips Forum

Yet another discussion forum for bloggers, which is relatively new as compared to digital point or bloggeries. Growing very rapidly and a must join for every blogger. Recently, a chat box has been added to the forum, so that members can directly submit their views, suggestions and similar stuff.

BloggerForum5 Designsmag Excellent Informative Forums For Bloggers

Bloggst Forum

Another discussion forum for bloggers with nice green theme. Good community base and very active forum. While creating a new thread, tagging is compulsory, which makes searching the archived threads very easy. Worth registering and actively participating in it.

BloggerForum6 Designsmag Excellent Informative Forums For Bloggers

Blogger Forum

Excellent forum with unique theme based on XOOPS CMS. Blogger Forums also offer free WordPress themes for forum members. Large community base and very active discussion board. Dedicated section for newbies and well as theme developers. Blogger forum also give RSS feed of each sub-forum. While registering there is a restriction of 10 characters id.

BloggerForum7 Designsmag Excellent Informative Forums For Bloggers

Blogger Talk Forum

Very lively and informative forum for bloggers. Navigation is very easy with large community base. Registration is easy and quick with no hassle. Lots of sub-forums on diverse topics, making it easy to pick the right thread for posting a question.

 Excellent Informative Forums For Bloggers

Search Engine Watch Forum

A must join discussion forum for every blogger. Topics covered are SEO, web analytics, promotion strategies and much more. Very large community base with experts giving their valuable advice to newbies on regular basis. Prompt response to queries by the community members.

BloggerForum8 Designsmag Excellent Informative Forums For Bloggers

SitePoint Forum

Another excellent SEO forum with very active community. Here you can get lots of information about various popular PPC programs apart from regular SEO knowledge base. I would highly recommend joining this forum, as the response is prompt and some very valuable archived data.

BloggerForum9 Designsmag Excellent Informative Forums For Bloggers

 Excellent Informative Forums For Bloggers
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  2. mikeam
    January 15, 2011

    Hi all,

    Firstly thank you all for maintaining this forum. I have actually learnt a lot from it over the last few months, finally decided to join.

    Hopefully I wil be able to give back to members as much as I have gained.


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    January 28, 2011

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    March 29, 2011

    These are great resources! Thank you for sharing.


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    April 2, 2011

    Helloo peepz loving the forum guyz n galz! a good place to go when at crappy work! i reckonz, only if I dont get caught! ….

    see you around


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    December 30, 2011

    Hello everyone I just wanted to bring in personally. When you have questions don’t hesitate to ask. I’m sorry for my own negative language


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