10 Best Magento Themes For Ecommerce Websites

Most of the e Commerce businesses in these days are built on a single platform with which the growth of any online business is absolutely assured. Magento is that platform and several thousands of site owners use Magento to promote and advertise their valid products and services. It happens to be a successful open source based eCommerce web application that offers a plenty of services and opportunities to bloggers and website owners. With regards to the growth of this platform, a number of themes have been released for magento, with which your site is going to absolutely rock. Whatever may be the online business you own, you have a Magento theme for everything. Listed below are the top 10 list of Magento themes, which would be greatly helpful in building you an excellent app.


 Image2 10 Best Magento Themes For Ecommerce Websites

Apparel Store is developed by Apptha. This theme is a premium magento template that is ideal to setup an online apparel store. The Magento theme exhibits an attractive banner slide show and  thumbnails for available products with a special effect in the banner.

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Image3 10 Best Magento Themes For Ecommerce Websites

Layover is an ultimate magento theme that includes home page features like product spotlight flipcards, top sellers, newsletter sign up form and message block. It allows you to set up an online store on all the pages. In addition to the home page it comprises of pages for category landing, product listing, full-featured product, register, my account, shopping cart and general content.

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Image4 10 Best Magento Themes For Ecommerce Websites

Shoe Store is a premium magento theme which is purposely created for putting up online shoe store. Right from athletic sneakers, boots, sandals or shoes, you can make use of magento shoe store theme and give your online store an elegant appeal. The theme has an attractive banner with a pleasing slide show effect. Shoe store theme is tested across all browsers and proved to be compatible.

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Image5 10 Best Magento Themes For Ecommerce Websites

This Magento theme is a Furniture template that comes with a modern colored luxurious, professional, clean and refined stylish design. You can increase your product’s values and increase sales by showing off your furniture products in living room, bed room and office. A unique slideshow has been designed for showing off furniture.

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Image6 10 Best Magento Themes For Ecommerce Websites

Hotel Booking is a premium magento theme developed by apptha. This theme is specifically created for designing your very own hotel booking site effectively. It features a unique brand slider with customizable blocks. The theme is compatible with all major browsers like IE7+, Firefox, Safari and Chrome.

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Image7 10 Best Magento Themes For Ecommerce Websites

Flooring theme by Template monster offers you to set up an online store for anything that is related to flooring. It comes with an elegant and stylish design that could arrest the attention of any visitor. It is compatible on Magento 1.5.x.

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Image8 10 Best Magento Themes For Ecommerce Websites

Dashing Magento theme is an ultimately simple and clean theme which is designed to enhance the impact of photo gallery and featured products. It has a jQuery slider on the home page that allows you to showcase the most featured product image on the site. There is also a newsletter sign up form and pages for product, categroy landing, my account, shopping cart and general content. Dashing supports Magento Community Edition 1.4.1.x, 1.5.x and 1.6.

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Image9 10 Best Magento Themes For Ecommerce Websites

Musician is a magento template that exclusively focus on music. This jQuery coded theme is compatible with Magento 1.5.x.

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Image10 10 Best Magento Themes For Ecommerce Websites

The book store magento template allows you to set an online store that is wholly book based. Any book worm would fall for the way the theme has designed. Book store is built on jQuery and is compatible on magento 1.4.2.x.

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Image11 10 Best Magento Themes For Ecommerce Websites

This Magento theme can be used for any type of products. With a beautiful slideshow and featured products module its a perfect theme for your next online store.

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Hope you are enough with this list. Magento themes if used in an appropriate way is usre going to find you some great results. The only thing that matters is choosing the right theme that best suits your e-shop. Dress up your online store with one or more such themes and keep wondering on the look of your store!

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 10 Best Magento Themes For Ecommerce Websites
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