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75 Amusing Examples Of Comical Caricature Illustration

A caricature can be evil and kind for this art sense of humour is a must thing. Humour is neither a sermonizing preacher nor a garbage collector, although these activities are always attributed to it.  To understand the caricatures from photos idea, one should have at least a bit of sense of humour, be ready to smile, to laugh. A caricaturist gives conceptual value but as humour to his viewers though it is not the actual way to propagandize some thing else.  Find 75 funny example of caricatures from photos and you’ll know the person

Digitally Created Caricatures

Creating caricatures is a manual concept but with the passage of time and dawn of emerging computer technologies and graphic design this concept is now changed and we can create caricatures of our favorite celebrities or can create digital caricature es out of photos.

What’s Caricatures?

No matter how it is designed but every art is merit exalted; caricatures are the most contentious form of art work; it’s basically defines the warp of a person or some comical mock, or to intensify the high-flying features of a character and to create a cartoon like image. The best way to utilize spare time for graphic designers is making caricatures.

How to Create?

Although there are many ways to digitally create caricatures some of which include Photoshop Manipulation or Illustration. Moreover caricature is a unique and interesting painted by talented artists of this great.

If you have a great sense of humour and intelligent you will find 75 artists and political figures in this article.

Hope you will enjoy this post and looking forward for your comments to improve our work as per your interest.


Bushie the kid

Bruce Willis

Tommy Lee Jones final Version

Sandra Bullock

snoop dogg

Tom Cruise Colored

samuel jackson caricature…

House M.D. caricature

Ronaldo Manchester Caricature

Amy Winehouse caricature

Brad Pitt Caricature…

Harry Potter

Caricature – Jim Carrey

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Leonardo Di Caprio

Aishwarya Rai


Sarah Palin

george clooney 3d caricature

Michael Clurke DUNCAN



Kanye West

Manny Pacquiao


Adrien BRODY

Marilyn Manson

Juan Gatmaitan (Dad)

Ferdinand Marcos


Caricature by Vladymyr Lukash

Charles Chaplin

Charles CHAPLIN Caricature

Salvador Dali

Salvador DALI Caricature

William Butler YEATS

William Butler YEATS caricature


Alfred HITCHCOCK caricature


Karl MARX caricature


Albert EINSTEIN caricature


Ernest HEMINGWAY caricature

Sigmund FREUD

Sigmund FREUD caricature


Kurt GODEL caricature


PICASSO caricature


Igor STRAVINSKY caricature


Le CORBUSIER caricature

Caricature by Mark Jenkins

Daniel Craig

daniel craig caricature

Jack Dee

jack dee caricature

Morgan Freeman

morgan freeman caricature photo

Noel Gallagher From Oasis

noel gallagher oasis caricature

Caricature by Serge Birault

Caricature by Denis Zilber

Ricco The Hat caricature

andromeda caricature

lapid caricature

risk caricature

Caricature by Tiago Hoisel

ciro gomes caricature

Cristina-kirchner caricature

sumo caricature

davy jones caricature

CARICATURES by Jason Seiler

awesome caricature

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