Best Mehndi Designs Collection (Hand Henna Art)


Most popular Mendi designs including the bridal mehndi designs for any wedding function or any party. The best patterns of mehndi designs over the internet. This style tends to be less detailed and intricate. its still very beautiful. Instead of having fill-ins it is just colored in boldly. Indian, Pakistani and Arabic mehndi designs don’t necessarily cover your hands or feet all the way. This makes it an excellent and perfect candidate, if you want to have a bail going down your arm or leg.


We always try to give you latest and best collection for your parties. Here is a huge collection of wedding mehndi designs which is the best designs Arabic countries and in India and Pakistan.

arabic mehndi designs 2010

arabic mehndi designs 2010


12 thoughts on “Best Mehndi Designs Collection (Hand Henna Art)”

  1. Hermitbiker says:

    …. now this is some extremely fascinating skin art collected here for everyone to see !!

  2. Sadaf Ahmed says:

    You have posted a cool collection of mehndi designs. Al mehndi designs are good and easy to apply at different occasions.

  3. pushpam says:

    i like this….
    very awesome designs…

  4. jeet kaur says:

    they are a very beautiful designs…………
    it’s really very cool

    1. aishwerya verma says:

      its really very beautiful desings
      i like it!!!!!!!!!!

  5. meena says:

    i like your designs
    awesome arts

    1. Shekhar says:

      mail me if u want new designs……………..

      1. Naaz says:

        Hello Shekhar,

        You are most welcome to send us more designs and we will publish them with your name.

        Team Designsmag

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  8. sybu says:

    Very nice…

  9. pavithra says:

    fantastic collections and looking for more designs

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