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Revival Of The Flat UI Design

Flat UI design is hot and also controversial in the world of UI/user interface. Microsoft had first introduced it to the world. Whether it is the latest app or even the cleanest of websites, flat designs are making resurrection. With its amazing revival, flat user interface


How Art Can Help You Heal – Art Therapy

Art Therapy is using the arts to express oneself. This can be done with or without the help of professionals, who are trained in both psychotherapy and art therapy. The main aim of art therapy is to express feelings and thoughts that can’t be or

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5 Tips on How to Make a Great Ecommerce Site

Are you going to start an ecommerce website? Making categories of products, product pages and integrating a shopping cart won’t be enough. Those features just make the basic structure of ecommerce; you need to make it attractive and user friendly if you want to generate serious amount of sales out of it.


Avoiding a ‘Café Clone’ and designing a unique outlet

When I visit any shopping centre, railway station or airport, I’m confronted with a huge number of chain cafés, coffee shops and restaurants. These kind of cafe design ideas really inspire me.While it is comforting to know that I am always going to find something


How to Design Your Own Diamond Engagement Ring

One of the basic accessories found in a woman’s collection are diamond engagement rings. It can be an eternity ring, cluster rings and even an engagement ring. In fact, an engagement ring might be the most important piece of jewelry she’ll own. While the manner


A showcase of creative iPhone cases

Box-fresh they look beautiful. But as soon as you take your brand-new iPhone out of its sleek white box it starts to show signs of wear and tear. Scratches that can spoil the screen; greasy smears that reduce visibility; chips and marks from the times when you drop it, because no-one warned you that your new toy would be so darn slippery!


Contemporary Bedding Look Fabulous at Your New Home

Your home is your haven, and your bedroom is your private sanctuary. Whether you are a single adult or a family homeowner, you need you own space where you can feel relaxed and comfortable. This is especially true when you move into a new home, as moving house is by far one of the most stressful experiences a person, a couple or a family will go through.


Killer Joomla Components and Their Features

Joomla has the power and the capability to be the best content management system. Being continuously revamped and working as an open source platform gives it some hands-down advantages. Not only is Joomla easy to use but it is extremely versatile. The extensions or components serve as the building blocks in Joomla.