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Three Social Sharing Networks you May have Forgotten About

Social, Social and more social. This is the cycle of online world that will not stop that easily. You may have known so many social media or networks. But are you using them all in your day to day life? I know you will node negatively. Most online users use Facebook, Twitter and Linked In.


How to Re-gift With Class and Get Away With It

When it comes down to gift-giving time, what can be more stressful than facing the reality of going into debt just to have a “little something” for that “special someone.” Agonizing over gift giving can really put a damper not only on your wallet but also the entire point behind the gift giving season.


Top 5 Inspired Technologies

Albeit some inventions are commonplace and we consider them an integral, given part of our lives they weren’t always that way. The Patent and Trademark Office of the United States holds hundreds of thousands of patent applications, though many of them never make it and even less than those succeed in becoming a commercial hit.

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A Call for professionalism in website design

The professional need of a website depends on its purpose and what it is supposed to be used for. The greater the need for which a website is intended for fill, the more professionalism is required. Websites intended for family pictures and shows can be designed by any individual with good computer knowledge.


Top Eight Books Every Logo Designer Should Read

Making a logo might apparently sound as an easy job, but in reality it involves lot of planning and effort. It does not happen that a painter takes his paintbrush and colour palette or a graphic designer takes his computer-keyboard and mouse and designs whatever

Features of CSS3

Features The Best Web Designing Tools

Website designing is the order of the day in the world today. Lots of designers produce powerful websites; professional designers are in constant demand due to the quality services they offer. However, designing of a website can pose some difficulties and challenges


Siri – A New Step Forward

Currently available on the iPhone 4s and 5, Siri is a very interesting development in the world of mobile communications and computing in general. While it works as a personal assistant, helping you organize data and your schedule as well as search the web its most amazing feature is its very helpful and impressive natural language interface.


Online Design Software – An ultimate solution for visitor interaction

Online design software can offer many benefits to greetings card and business card printing companies alike. There is a great range of online design software packages available on today’s market, as online card businesses everywhere look to take advantage of this innovative new leap in technological design.