Wordpress Plugins

WordPress Plugins You Need To Save Your Work and Time

The admin area of any WordPress based website plays a significant role in controlling and organizing all of its operations. It’s a platform where everything can be controlled effectively, and where admins, writers, editors and contributors write, manage, edit, and posts their contents. the default


Free eBook: 2014 Mobile UI Design Patterns

While mobile design can be its own beast, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel. This eBook takes a practical approach to describing solutions for 46 of today’s most pressing mobile design problems with screenshot examples from Uber, Instagram, Tinder, and more. Building a great


Quality Commercial Printing: How to Perfect the Process

Quality Commercial Printing: How to Perfect the Process Quality printing, that’s what most customers are looking for nowadays. However, most are finding it hard to look for companies who can deliver first-rate service at a lesser cost. Fortunately, you’re about to change that and offer


HTML-5 Website’s Worker for AJAX applications

Sometimes you have to load & process tons of data on client system however how you can do this without blocking of UI. JavaScript has a problem on browser that it runs on a thread. It means, 2 process or scripts can’t run at a


Speedy websites with Mod-pagespeed and Apache

Google’s Mod-Pagespeed module on Apache As you know about stack that it has different possible components, now you‘ve time to give look on specific parts, application servers and how to raise performance. There’re many methods of Apache, PHP content, hiphop, lighttpd, nginx and even I-I-S