50 Beautifully Designed E-commerce Websites

E-commerce websites are all over the internet and you can say today its the world of E-Commerce. When every body is short of time and want to shop online E-Commerce websites are the best way out.  As the demand of e-commerce increases, so does its


Freepik: Best place to download Free Vectors and PSD resources

Freepik is one of those valuable tools that you should have within easy reach when designing. It consists on a search engine specialized in finding free graphic resources files, such as photos, PSD and vectors. A good professional is meant to have proper tools for his or her craft. Therefore, web and graphic designers shouldn’t be an exception.


40 Incredible Sketch Pencil Vs Camera Photograph

What is a combination of pencil sketch and camera photograph? It is mixture of drawing and photography, imagination and reality. It’s full of magic, illusion, poetry and surrealism. Drawings made with pencils are the first thing children learn at schools with keen interest.


60 Absolutely Amazing Face Painting by Designsmag

Giving a Face painting ideas is an art or you can say a creation of a character by the face painter. Face Painting fulfills your desire for fantasy to be anything from a superhero to a scoundrel, a ferocious lion to a friendly pussycat, a


Perfect Website Designing: For Successful Inbound Marketing

Okay, so we’ve gotten down to telling everyone about how inbound marketing in now the new face marketing on the web. Although we dare do not say that outbound marketing needs to be completely forgotten per seo, what we’ve consistently preached though is that the bulk of a marketer’s time should be invested the inbound way instead.


Using E Commerce Templates To Drive Internet Businesses

Creating an online storefront in previous decades was a difficult chore. Early versions of HTML and some rudimentary JavaScript were the only available options for web development, and a significant amount of custom coding was necessary. Further, the website’s graphics had to be created manually


10 Best Web Designing Tools for Developers

Time is the most expensive factor and the tempo of the world dictates only those can run in the long run that runs before time. Web designing and web development is also not an exception to this fact. Web development or web designing, none of the task could be considered as a simpler one


55 Unique jQuery Techniques and Tutorials

Nowadays websites are relying more on HTML5, CSS3 and JQuery for animation and If you are a part of web development then you must learn about JavaScript. One of the JavaScript technique and unique libraries are jQuery. jQuery tutorials can be used in a web designing