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Web Design Trends

How to Judge The Longevity Of a Web Design Trend

Like fashion trends, web design trends come and go. But then, we all crave for something that lasts a while longer than anything that just flashes by. You don’t want something that’s transient. We all crave some sort of certainty in life. But that’s life.

St Chapelle Stained Glass Window

10 Breath-taking Stained Glass Windows

Since ancient times, stained glass window has been a distinctive and impressive art form. Initially used to illustrate Bible stories for the illiterate masses of the Middle Ages, stained glass is now most commonly found in windows. Although not restricted to Europe, the early 19th


De-Tangling CSS Code

Web page building requires extensive coding and designing. Often, CSS codes are written by people who are new to CSS or do not have adequate practice with CSS. It isn’t as if the coding itself is wrong but that antiquated practices are still in use


55 Fresh & Latest New Year Wallpapers 2014

The year of 2014 is about to be coming in a very short time. New years eve is a chance for setting some new goals, resolutions,hope, and dreams. For many folks round the world, it’s additionally a time of celebration and much of fun. folks


30+ Best Online Shopping WordPress Themes

Find your self best wordpress business themes for all the needs of e-commerce portal. WordPress gives the ability to easily set up a manageable eCommerce store. The quality and availability of WordPress e-commerce themes makes WordPress a serious choice as an online shop platform. In


A Showcase of Creative, Minimalist Movie Posters

Many designers who are used to dealing with client work can find it enormously liberating to work on their own personal projects, for fun. Some of my favourite examples of this are designers who choose to create their own minimalist versions of movie posters. Movie