50+ WordPress magazine themes for news sites

News is one of the most popular and dynamic niches in the web world. There are lots of sites that cover news from different segments. Some of them cater to a specific niche such as entertainment or sports while others produce content of a general


Expand Your Creativity by Making Your Own Beaded Jewelry

Image Credit @ Shamballa Crush Beaded jewelry has become an essential part of accessory in every one that loves jewels. One look at a beaded jewelry would suffice to say that you need to be creative to produce unique designs. The advantage of beads is


X-rayography As a Genre

Art, one of our most powerful ways of expressing ourselves, consists of various genres and sub-genres, and has both contemporary and old mediums that allow artists to express their creativity. X ray photography art is one such art trend that, although it sounds like a


Four of the Top Cloud Security Vulnerabilities Today

Cloud computing has been a huge innovation in today’s society. It has enabled leaps and bounds in the development of new technology breakthrough. More and more service providers are relying heavily on the cloud’s capabilities to reach customers and offer products. But with every great


Make a Study: The days when SEO begin to grasp the Eyes

Indeed, it would not be injudicious to state that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has revolutionized internet marketing world and created new paradigms in the manner in which both businesses and clients view and react to business proposals, prospects and projections. Indeed SEO has eliminated much


The Difference Between Flyers and Leaflets

For most of the business community, flyers and leaflets are commons words to hear, not to mention they’re commonly used, however, what is the actual difference between the two? Too often we use both terms, but never take note of their differences, their benefits and


Most Excellent Examples of Transparent Designs Website

Transparent design is one of those things that can really add depth and make a website design a different look. Not only this an appealing and attractive web design has the ability to increase the traffic of the website to a great extent which in turn