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The Benefits of Cloud Computing

Content Delivery Networks In the age of internet supremacy, speed will make or break a site – and even the associated business. If your company is trying to connect to the world on pages that load slowly, you risk customers simply losing patience and wandering


30 Reasons behind WordPress Popularity

Why WordPress? The answer is very simple.  WordPress is a fantastic open source platform for creating your website. Though it is primarily known and used as a blogging platform, it has millions of use as a content management system. From both business and development perspective,


12 Link Building Tools to Boost Your Website Traffic

Link building is a concept that anyone involved in online marketing. There are many link-building tools available. These can roughly be split into two camps: Those that help with the data and analysis side of things, and those that focus more on speeding up the


Killer Joomla Components and Their Features

Joomla has the power and the capability to be the best content management system. Being continuously revamped and working as an open source platform gives it some hands-down advantages. Not only is Joomla easy to use but it is extremely versatile. The extensions or components serve as the building blocks in Joomla.


Top 5 Inspired Technologies

Albeit some inventions are commonplace and we consider them an integral, given part of our lives they weren’t always that way. The Patent and Trademark Office of the United States holds hundreds of thousands of patent applications, though many of them never make it and even less than those succeed in becoming a commercial hit.

Features of CSS3

Features The Best Web Designing Tools

Website designing is the order of the day in the world today. Lots of designers produce powerful websites; professional designers are in constant demand due to the quality services they offer. However, designing of a website can pose some difficulties and challenges


The best solution to 5 common QR code mistakes

Quick Response or QR codes have seen a surge of popularity due to its use in various promotions and fan events for some major companies. One thing to remember about QR codes is that they are simply a tool. A brilliant and innovative tool that allows fans and customers to become active participants in a company’s