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10 Best Street Style Fashion Trend in US

Following street style fashion means that you are following that particular fashion that has not come out of high class fashion boutiques, but it has emerged from the streets of US. In America you will find highly experimental tastes of young people regarding their dressing and accessories taste. The best part of this fashion is that there is no hard and fast rule of following the trends. If you are fashion conscious and are young too, then you can easily listen to your heart. Wear what you want, carry it the way you like and follow the trends of your own self. Do this and you are going to become a fashion statement of your own kind.

Although best street style fashion trend is the one, which has originated from the streets and not from the high classification boutiques, however now it is becoming talk of the towns. Many well known celebrities are actually being recognized and often called the icons of style of street and trend. In fact, you aren’t going to see any pet kind at has association with street style form trend. Though, the type has attained so much of fame and attention that now you could see excessive classification gatherings and parties, where persons showcase their individuality of street fashion.

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Following are the most important 10 best street style fashion trend elements that cannot be ignored.

Street Style Fashion Trend Elements

1. Backpacks

All over America, you will see many youngsters carrying backpacks of different styles. When it comes to street style fashion then you will see that backpacks with American flags printed on them will be seen a lot. They look super cool and stylish.

2. Loud and experimental makeup

American girls do a lot of experiments with their makeups. To become a part of street style fashion in latest trends, you must be wild in wearing makeup. It means that whatever you want and in whatever way you want, just carry the makeup of your choice. Pastel colored lip shades are in this season.

3. Punk hairdos

Millets with strokes of red color are commonly seen on the roads. This season, short length hair looks super cool.

4. High contrast dressing

Keeping all the dress pieces in neutral shade and wearing one out of them of loud and bright color.

5. High heels/high boots

Pick up your high heels and boots and contrast them with anything that you are planning to wear. Style is going to be all in your looks.

6. Too much of accessories

Beaded and metallic jewelry is in this season of street style fashion. Contrast it with your dress and step out of your home.

7. Tattoos

Tattoos have never gone out of the scene of street fashion. Getting tattoos on the back, belly and thighs is considered to be a part of funky fashion.

8. Big sunshades

Pick up the bold and bog sunshades and flaunt a cool style.

9. Hair colors

Streaks of multiple colors like reds, oranges, yellows and greens seem to be pretty much cool.

10. Gadgets

Carrying latest techno gadgets along with you on your way is also a fashionable trend as a part of street style fashion.

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