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Exclusive Homepage Examples Inspiration

Today, you can’t think of any business not having a website. Google’s Matt Cutts recently stressed the importance of having a website in a funny but instructive video in which his disembodied head was doing all the talking and even the head disappeared at random.

He wanted to make a very important point with his antics:

“If you don’t have a website, you’re kind of invisible on the web, and you really don’t want to be invisible on the web.”

Websites, today, play a vital role in generating revenue for your company by increasing its visibility and also acting as a point of sales for your business. But poorly designed websites can hurt your business badly. Your site should be professionally designed, trendy, attractive and engaging; this holds especially true for your homepage if you want to not only attract visitors but also keep them on your site for a sufficient period of time, enough to make an impression on them.

According to Wikipedia:

“A homepage or index page is the initial or main web page of a website. It is sometimes also called the front page or main page (by analogy with newspapers), or abbreviated to homepage.”

Let’s take a look at 12 homepages that tell you what a conversion friendly homepage looks and feels like:

1. Google

Homepage Examples Inspiration

Google is the most popular search engine in the world. This site is all the proof you need that minimalistic design can achieve amazing results. The site’s designers have embraced whitespace in large amounts, keeping the search bar totally clutter free. The result is a classy and attractive site with a clear focus on call-to-action buttons. Google’s web designers also come up with artistic and fun renderings of the Google logo to celebrate holidays, anniversaries or some current events; they call these Google Doodles.

2. Apple iPhone 6

Homepage Examples Inspiration

Apple has raised the designing bar for the new iPhone 6 homepage. The biggest achievement of this homepage is the cleanliness of the design layout.

A simple design removes all the clutter while maintaining a refreshingly simple aesthetic. In general, the overall layout of this page is spacious and clean. It provides a lot of information about the iPhone 6; this comprehensive content is presented in a pleasant, highly readable flow for visitors. It is an attractive homepage that does full justice to the Apple brand.

3. Made

Homepage Examples Inspiration

Made, an upscale retail store that offers contemporary furniture has a well-designed homepage which provides excellent user experience. This page serves the primary purpose of any eCommerce site, which is delivering a clear message and giving visitors enough product information in a persuasive manner, so that it ultimately converts them.

It categorizes products, which can be easily found via drop-down menus. It also offers attractive, consistent and intuitive navigation. The design elements used for the site give it a friendly look and the use of big bold images further accentuate the site’s visual appeal.

Scrolling down the page, there is a link that takes visitors to customer-generated image testimonials, which increase site credibility.

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