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Eid Wallpapers and HD Images – Free Download

Every religion has its own festivals and celebrations. Hindus go for Deewali and other fiestas, Christians celebrate X-Mas also known as Christmas, and Jews religious holidays include Rosh HaShanah, etc. Likewise, Muslims sacred holidays include two types of Eid; Eid –ul – Fitar and Eid –ul –Zuha. These two festivities denotes importance of the end of Ramadan and after two months of first celebration – Eid-ul-Fitr. Here, there are few Eid wallpapers and HD images to reveal the authenticity of the religious celebration.

This is something I would personally love to talk about. You won’t need to have a deep research on which image to use and which one to ignore. The best way to decide however is to download these pictures and then apply one by one.

The best one can be placed and rest can lie in your folder for some time later.

What is Eid-ul-Fitr?

Eid-ul-Fitr comes after twenty ninth or thirty days of Ramadan. It is known for the celebration and festivity. Muslims living in almost each and every country get this day as the custodian of thankfulness. What happens in Eid? People make sweet dishes and have fun, henna hands are seen on females and men pay gratitude by going to the Masjid.

What is Eid-ul-Zuha?

Festival which is typically known for the sacrifice is called Eid ul Adha. There are many ways to dissect the word “adha”. Big, grand and massive are some of them. Other than that, it is also called Bakra Eid. Why? Because, it is a word which signifies the importance of sacrifice in the name of God – Allah. Moreover, it happens after the pilgrimage known as Hajj.

Eid Wallpapers and HD Images

Wallpapers and images are the reminders of Islamic month “Ramadan” and then “Eid”. Mostly, these images have mosques with beautiful lights.

There are many images which come with the quote or a supplication. Like the above one. Another supplication, known as “dua” in Arabic language can be anything which you want the other person to have. For example: May the sun of Eid bring blessings on you and the family and may you live another year to see it together.

2016 Eid Wallpapers and HD Images

A simple wallpaper with nothing but Eid Mubarak written is what the simplicity is all about. The depiction of consecrations and appreciation is depicted clearly in this image.

A house with perfect color combination and beauty is what some images are about. The vitality of moon however is seen in all the wallpapers. It is because of the citation which determines the Eid and before that nothing and no one can celebrate it.

Again, this is one of the 2016 Eid wallpapers and HD images which come with a quote, more like a supplication.

2016 Eid Wallpapers and HD Images

Poems are also in trend for Eid wishes. This comes with the best image.

Purpose of these images can be diverse. From sending it through an email to wish to simply get it printed and give to the beloved ones. Another use is to place it on the background of the personal computer or laptop.

Collection of Eid Wallpapers and HD Images

2016 Eid Wallpapers and HD Images
2016 Eid Wallpapers and HD Images
2016 Eid Wallpapers and HD Images
2016 Eid Wallpapers and HD Images
2016 Eid Wallpapers and HD Images
2016 Eid Wallpapers and HD Images
2016 Eid Wallpapers and HD Images
2016 Eid Wallpapers and HD Images
2016 Eid Wallpapers and HD Images
2016 Eid Wallpapers and HD Images
2016 Eid Wallpapers and HD Images

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