22 Fabulous Commercial WordPress Themes

I kept these criteria in mind when choosing the following themes:

Compatible with widgets
Valid code

Themes that are set up to use WordPress sidebar widgets are the most user-friendly. Widgets are wonderful, and they make your life incredibly easy by giving you drag-and-drop functionality and control of the content that appears in your sidebar.

A set of standards for Web design and code called the W3C standards, developed by the World Wide Web Consortium, serves as a sort of proofreading guide for the code in all Web site designs.
Designers who pay attention to valid code are the designers to look for when you choose a theme for your site, because they understand validation and your need to make sure that your site is reaching all your visitors, no matter what browsers they’re using to view your content. You can tell whether a designer used valid code on his site by using two validation tools on the W3C Web site: for HTML code validation and for CSS code validation.

With these things in mind, I present the top 22 Fabulous Commercial WordPress Themes available for you to try on your site. The Web sites listed for each of these themes have a demo of the theme, so you can actually see it in action. These themes aren’t listed in any particular order; each one is just as good as the next.

1. Listing Theme: Directory Theme

listings theme

Listings is one of our most powerful themes that allows any niche business to create a listings/directory based website thanks to a Woo-powered content builder for custom post type, taxonomy and custom field generation.

Demo | Purchase

2. Real Estate Theme


Demo | Purchase

3. Blogfolio


Demo | Purchase

4. Photo Art Gallery


Demo | Purchase

5. Hand Crafted – Professional WordPress Theme


Demo | Purchase

6. Origami WordPress Theme


Demo | Purchase

7. Themology WordPress Theme

themeology theme

Demo | Purchase

8. Magnifolio WordPress Theme

Magnifolio theme

Demo | Purchase

9. Fler WordPress Theme


Demo | Purchase

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10. Endeavor Genesis Child Theme


Demo | Purchase

11. Anthology WordPress Theme


Demo | Purchase

12. FolioStudio WordPress Theme


Demo | Purchase

13. FlipBlog WordPress Theme

Flip Blog

Demo | Purchase

14. Simplic WordPress Theme


Demo | Purchase

15. Crisp WordPress Theme


Demo | Purchase

16. Chapters WordPress Theme


Demo | Purchase

17. The Developer WordPress Theme

The Developer WP

Demo | Purchase

18. Showtime WordPress Theme


Demo | Purchase

19. Magnifizine – Magazine & Business WordPress Theme


Demo | Purchase

20 McCleanny – WordPress 3.0 ready theme

mccleanny wordpress 3

Demo | Purchase

21. The Slingshot | WordPress template

The Slingshot

Demo | Purchase

22. Midnight Sun | WordPress Theme

Midnight Sun

Demo | Purchase

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