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3 Things to look forward in Halloween 2015

Celebrations and festivity is the name of the hour when it comes to the fall season of every year. Around the world, people are preparing for their religious festivities, globally recognized days and different kinds of occasions to fall towards the end of the year. As a neutral perspective, it is fascinating to see the kind of opportunities to celebrate we get as we move closer towards the close of every year and this gives us the chance to unite people from every race, cast and religion under the influence of celebrations and holidays. Here are 3 Things to look forward in Halloween 2015.

From Hindu’s Rakshabandhan to Dhussera and Muslim’s Hajj to Eid, these are some of the widely celebrated occasions towards the fall of every year. Then comes the religion of Christianity and people from the West, who passionately celebrate occasions like Black Friday, Halloween, finally move on to the most celebrated week of the year which starts from Christmas and ends with the New Year’s celebrations. This long list of opportunities to celebrate might not fit into one blog and so today our focus will remain on the Halloween of 2015. Just like every year, from the week starting from the 25th of October till 31st October, we will see tons of parties and events related to Halloween and the actual Halloween falls on Saturday the 31st October. Today’s blog will talk about some things to look forward to on Halloween this year.

Things to look forward in Halloween 2015

Things to look forward in Halloween 2015

Fancy dresses and competition

One fascinating part of Halloween is its dressing up and costume. No other event throughout the year inspires the use of creativity and artistry in dressing other than Halloween. Even the world’s largest comic-con event cannot match up to the creativity in dressing that comes from the Halloween events. This year we will see some of those once again, with costumes more moderated and designed in a much more fitting way than before. Conventional dresses of the Joker and Vampires will always be a part of the celebrations, but we will see some new variety again this year.

Public events

The usual trick or treat game will be the talk of the town amongst the kids, especially in the region of London and the United States New York. Surprisingly, we might see public events related to Halloween on the famous streets of some of the countries with high tourism. This is a great time to travel to countries in the West, if you are a fan of costumes, celebrations and parties of different styles.

Clubbing events

Students will have many thematic clubbing events, both in and outside their universities.They will have the chance to meet the fellow people celebrating the events with their own art and design. Some clubs might see dressing competitions and prizes as well. There will be famous DJs playing at these parties.

Media specials

Media will not be left behind, the release of thematic episodes of soaps and television programs that are currently on air, combined with movies will always be a feature of this year’s Halloween. It is the time when you might also see some discounted DVDs of your favorite horror movies available for order.

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