30+ Modern and Unique Envelope Design

Envelopes are the one of the key element for marketing. Especially Companies use different styles and kind of envelopes to attract their clients and customers and they use them as a tool. Modern and Unique envelope design, will immediately get the attention of the receiver, and it will be easier for a company to develop a good business relations.

A market study shows that , 80% of consumers say they’re more likely to open a piece of mail only when they saw a colorful and graphical envelope as compared to one without any design. We highly recommend, if you have any company logo, you should include it on all your outgoing mailers. Its not only going to give you a huge business but can affect judgment and trust of clients.

Not only the design but the quality of the printed envelope also matters a lot. Don’t forget to have you envelope printed on photo or premium paper. Also remember that envelopes are not just used for marketing purpose, they’re also the best companions for birth cards, invitations, wedding invitation and all other kind of announcement. So envelope printed on on premium paper will enrich your design colors and they feel good in your customer hand. The duty of the graphic designer is to design the creative envelopes, so when it reach to the customer, it will force him to open and and see the content.

We’ve collected 30+ Modern and Unique Envelope Design examples which are simple and daring at the same time and can spark your imagination.

Circles Stationery Pack by Abra Design

envelope design

CMPLAIN Branding by Leonardo Zakour and CMPLAIN

envelope design

2012 Christmas Card by Joseph Veazey

envelope design

Logo e Identidade Visual: Mobilaris by Clemilton Barreto

envelope design

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