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30 Reasons behind WordPress Popularity

Why WordPress? The answer is very simple.  WordPress is a fantastic open source platform for creating your website. Though it is primarily known and used as a blogging platform, it has millions of use as a content management system. From both business and development perspective, using WordPress as your web site platform benefits you in several ways.


1) Open Source:

The most appealing thing about WordPress is it does not require any licensing fees for use. It is open source and you can use it for any personal or commercial project free of cost. It has gained more popularity than the other CMS software because most other CMS softwares incur cost for using.

2) Easy to learn and use:

It is not difficult to understand if you have zeal to learn. You can learn from the training which WordPress offers for the end users. This is not only advantageous for personal development, but also benefits commercial projects. Adding images, videos, creating new pages, ornamentation of the page, changing themes and plug-ins are very simple.

3) Cost effective:

As you own the codes, you can customize yourself the themes and plugins. You do not need to depend on any designer for adding or editing pages. This saves your additional expenditure which you otherwise had to pay to your designer. The firms and companies having resource constraint are immensely benefitted by this. As you do the works by yourself, the website remains up to date with timely details.

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