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35 Stunning Pencil Vs Photos Artworks

Pencil Vs Photos Artworks starts with a real photograph, then a simple semi-realistic pencil drawing and then the magic happens. The recombination of the two is strangely compelling in a way that neither work could hope to be on its own – even the most generic still life or landscape setting comes alive in new ways through this surreal hybridization, a creative whole out of two relatively conventional artistic mediums.

Whenever you talk about Pencil and Photos combination the first name came in your mind is Ben Heine. He actually calls these beautiful works Pencil VS Photos!. I found some image of Ben Henie and then the interest begins and i start searching for more. At lat i though why not to share them with all of you. Although there are only 35 in this collection so far, but will definitely worth showcasing and will add more in future.

Hope you enjoy as much as I do.

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35 Stunning Pencil Vs Photos Artworks

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