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3D tattoos: A growing trend in Tattoo Designs

This is a growing trend of having 3D tattoos on your skin. The reason is that they look really unique and appealing at first sight. From the usual routine of plain or temporary tattoos, they have something exciting to offer. You get the satisfaction that if you are going through so much pain, you will get something in return. The illusion is created on the skin which represents like they are popping off from the skin. This is the expression of the tattoo art in a next degree. You can have a butterfly flying on your skin, and that will look really existent. Some of the interesting facts about 3D tattoos will be discussed in this article.

Optical illusion

This is the main thing about 3D tattoos. The illusion is created in the mind of the viewer through the amazing expression of art by the tattoo artist. There is a feel that shows that something is coming out of the skin. Because of the increased trend of science and fiction, they have really become popular. You will be surprised to know that this is a mere illusion and there is no difference in the making of a simple tattoo and a 3D tattoo. The only difference is in the skill and art level of the person making it. The needles are used to make it happen, and they look like the real picture instead of being plain on the skin.

Meaning of tattoos in 3D form

There is no such difference in the meaning represented by a particular shape present on your skin. If you have a specific tribal tattoo and it holds a particular meaning, no difference would be made by having it in the 3D form. The difference just lies in the form that they do not look like on the skin but become same as the part of human body. They just become more real and out from the world of imagination. With the growing trend, people make many tattoos having meanings in the 3D forms.

Types of 3D tattoos you can have

3D tattoos are not associated specifically with any form or design. You can make any kind of design you please. Whether it be a cartoon, photo, cartoon character or sketch, it will look the same. The only difference would be in appearance. Many people have the misconception that they can only be photorealistic. The shading, lighting, and shadows present in the 3D tattoos make them different. However, they are not much different. The process works just like you make shades with the pencil in sketching process.

The basic idea behind the making of 3D tattoos is like something is present on the top of your skin. Shades and highlights are made in a specific form, and then shadows are added to make it look real. The presence of shadows is the main point here which makes it possible to think that there is some space between the skin and the object.

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3D Tattoos

Butterfly tattoo on neck

3d tattoos

Eye tattoo on Arm

3d tattoos

Polynesian Simple Tattoos

Arm Tattoos

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