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80 Best Flash Websites Design in 3D

Adobe Flash is a great tool which gives features of designing and development both. Flash is a multimedia platform originally acquired by Macromedia and currently developed and distributed by Adobe Systems. Flash is used for animation, games, advertisements, various web page components, to integrate video into web pages, and more recently, to develop rich Internet applications.

Here is a collection of the best Flash Websites with 3D Environment and 3D interface, Make sure to turn your speaker ON as most of these flash websites are using cool audio as well.

1. Element

Hard to describe how cool this website is! Very stylish intro and superb 3D animations combined with great looking website.


2. Ge

Cool website with beautiful 3D objects and animations. Every page has its own good looking 3D objects.


3. Gears Of War – Emergence Day

Brilliant peace of art! Massive 3D scene with animations. Beautifully made 3D fade-in, fade-out transitions for every page.


4. Audi A6

Simple but very good looking website with 3D menu and 3D transitions.


5. Summer Festival

Good looking website with fantastic 3D balloons and stunning animations. And also it has a great feature – if you just wait for some time and do nothing, then after some period of time a jet-man will run out of fuel and will fall from the sky with interesting animation. This website was awarded as “site of the day” on FWA.


6. Coca Cola

What’s that? Hey, it’s Coca Cola! Very creative website which consists of many different sub-websites where every website is different from each other with its own style, design and animation.


7. Optus Whale Song

Beautifully made website. Great underwater 3D scene. This website was awarded as “site of the day” on FWA.


8. Martini Asti

Very classy website with 3D graphics and animations. Also it has cool 3D transitions.


9. White Void

Very beautifully made 3D menu. This 3D portfolio is very good representation of the style called “minimalism”.


10. The Eco Zoo

Well made 3D website. This website consists not only of some 3D elements but whole website is like a 3D world and almost every animation is in 3D. Good work.


11. Premiyum

Beautiful 3D website with great 3D effects. Fantastic. This website was awarded as “site of the day” on FWA.


12. Get the Glass

Interesting Flash website with brilliant Flash intro which has tons of 3D elements.


13. Sensi Soft

Beautiful work with beautiful 3D scene and animations. Consists of many different 3D scenes where each scene is like a different period of time.


14. Plantate

Beautiful and cartoon style website. A 3D planet in the middle of website which you can rotate using your mouse.


15. Soft Whiteroom

Beautiful website. Everything is in 3D and very nicely responds to mouse movements.


16. Ha-py Island

Very cheerful website. Whole website is in 3D where you can walk around with bear. It feels like you are playing some 3D game. This website was awarded as “site of the day” on FWA.


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17. Hatica

Beautiful and simple website with 3D object in the middle of website.


18. The Egg Republic

Beautifully made website. It has great 3D animations and transitions from one page to another. It’s also great that every page responds to movements of your mouse. This website was awarded as “site of the day” on FWA.


19. Foxtel I am uniQue

Social networking website where you can create your own unique 3D portrait. Fantastic idea with great work of 3D.


20. Cortex Design

Good looking 3D photo gallery with beautiful reflections. Just clean and simple.


21. The Morph

This website is brilliant! Turn on your webcam and see how all 3D objects follow your motions. Or if you don’t have a webcam then this website also responds to movements of your mouse.


22. Twist and Drink

Cartoon style 3D website with mini games and that kind of stuff for children. Very well made, amazing!


23. Chuyue

Great piece of work! Beautifully made 3D menu and animations. You can even choose 4 types of 3D menu layout.


24. Mr A

Very cool website with awesome 3D work. Great 3D reflections and effects and there is also a mini game in the background of this website.


25. Dasai

A simple website with 3D navigation menu as a planet. Good use of Papervision3D.


26. Orange

Great piece of work. Everything is in 3D. You walk from one page (room) to another. Well made 3D animations.


27. TBC

Very simple website with pretty cool 3D menu as a library. And also it has a cool animation when you choose something in this 3D menu.


28. New Work City

Pretty interesting corporate website with some 3D animations. It also has a stunning design. Great work.


29. Off The Street Club

Interesting website with many 3D objects which can be rotated.


30. Eight Interactive Studio

Just clean and simple website with 3D animations, beautiful!


31. Ecsw

Great 3D website with cool Flash intro, and one of the coolest 3D features this website has, is that you can walk around the building by yourself.


32. Zeebee visual communications

A small website with 3D effects which looks brilliant. This website was awarded as “site of the day” on FWA.


33. Thinking Space

Flash website which has a menu with very interesting 3D effect. Good looking 3D transitions.


34. Domenico Tedone design

Clean and simple 3D website. Very well made. This website was awarded as “site of the day” on FWA.


35. Silenzio

This is like a 3D movie library with beautiful 3D transitions. Every animation is very smooth. Good work.


36. Philter Design

Simple and clean 3D website.


37. Rule the Stars

Interesting way of how to draw something – draw it in the sky with stars! Great 3D work. Can also be like a nice little present for your girlfriend/boyfriend (your drawing of course) – she/he will like it, I promise. This website was awarded as “site of the day” on FWA.


38. LBi Atlanta

Good looking website with very cool 3D navigation menu. Just hit “Browse” on the right side of the website to see 3D navigation menu.


39. 3spin

Very good looking website with awesome 3D navigation menu where you fly from one page to another.


40. Comcast Town

Very big and cheerful flash website with many interesting 3D elements.


41. Fendi

Website with 3D photo gallery. Looks very good.


42. Roca Meridian

Cleand and simple website in 3D cube.


43. Air Canada Leaveless

Beautiful corporate style website with some 3D elements. Very smooth 3D animations, for example, smooth animation when the card flips over.


44. Grillhelden

Website with 3D background which responds to mouse movements. Good looking website with greeat use of Papervision3D.


45. 13flo

Good looking website with 3D menu. You can choose 4 different layouts of this menu.


46. Inavi 3D

Great piece of work. Almost whole scene is in 3D with awesome 3D transitions.


47. Njoore

Completely 3D website with very cool and entertaining loading as a mini game. I really enjoyed this little cheerful mini game. This website was awarded as “site of the day” on FWA.


48. Cristof Echard

Portfolio website with beautiful 3D transition effects.


49. X-Prime

Very cool Flash website with 3D elements. It has an interesting 3D menu.


50. 3 Words Game

Very cool 3D navigation menu. You can choose even a layout of this menu.


51. SimCity DS

52. Erguvan Platin

53. Bandit 3

54. Play Smart

55. Audi RS6

56. Markez Models

57. Redkeds

58. Stokes Croft 3d

59. A Glass And A Half Full Productions

60. K2 Inavi

61. Karim Zariffa

62. Media Boom

63. 100 Best Films

64. North Kingdom

65. Creaktif

66. Pritt

67. DM09 Stockholm

68. In An Absolut World

69. Sony Vaio

70. Motorola Razr

An incredibly beautiful and complex 3D creation for the well known Motorola Razr mobile phone.


71. Get The Glass!

This a very interesting Flash website which also creates a very funny and attractive story about the importance of milk for a family. Milk Atraz LOL!


72. MOoOo

A very interesting contest with cartoons and nice animations.


73. N’uova Design Lab

An italian web design company with a very creative way to express the power of their knowledge and creativity.


74. Prism Girl

Prism girl is like the name says, very flower power and it creates a fusion between nature and latest technologies.


75. The Editing Table

This is actually a website where you are the one that creates the content. You have 2 options to choose from and the website will tell you if you can create reality or not.


76. Parasol Island

A travel website with a very natural friendly background and also nice animations.


77. Me InTru 3D

Living in 3D animated web world.A very inspirated design with many “flower power” elements.


78. On Toyota’s Mind

One of the Toyota’s promoting website which was created for Sweden. It describes a pretty bizzare world but in a very nice way.


79. Tinman

Tinman from infinite oz. This is a great website created by top flash webdesigners in partnership with Verizon Wireless.


80. Cells Modules

A Belgian company specialized in house and home designs with a website which has an interesting navigation system based on creative animations.


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