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Box-fresh they look beautiful. But as soon as you take your brand-new iPhone out of its sleek white box it starts to show signs of wear and tear. Scratches that can spoil the screen; greasy smears that reduce visibility; chips and marks from the times when you drop it, because no-one warned you that your new toy would be so darn slippery!

The iPhone is quite possibly the most revolutionary technology product ever and it bears little resemblance to the 1980s bricks we used to call mobile phones. So why would you want to put it in an ugly case? We can remember all too well those horrid black ‘leather’ and plastic creations that people used to use. You know the ones; they not only made using your phone decidedly trickier, they made your ear pretty sweaty after you’d taken a call too.

Thankfully, as sales of the iPhone are set to top 50 million, smartphone case designers have taken matters into their own hands. There are now hundreds, if not thousands, of cool designs out there. Here’s an article that looks at some of the most unusual, beautiful and user-friendly ones we’ve spotted in recent months.

Creative iPhone Cases




As a smartphone, your iPhone has phased out the need to carry a notebook with you everywhere you go. Trouble is, there are still times when technology doesn’t really cut it – you could do with a pen and paper. With that in mind, here’s the Little Black Book. It doubles as a tough protective case and handy notebook. It’s also a pretty good iPhone disguise, making it much less likely to tempt opportunist thieves.



Arts and crafts may be a million miles away from the cutting-edge technology of Apple, but this cute case works a treat. Fashioned from felt, it’s a hand-stitched fabric sleeve with an old-school handset design that protects your precious smartphone from scratches. It might not be so useful if you’re prone to dropping it though!

Game Boy


Speaking of old-school, here’s a blast from the past in the form of technology nostalgia. Back in the 1990s it was all about the Gameboy. Here’s a hard-wearing iPhone case that resurrects the much-loved console and makes it relevant once again.

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Mad about your sneakers? You’ll love the iShoe, a cool case with a lace-up sneaker design. Take things to the next level of matchy-matchy and co-ordinate your shoes to your smartphone.

Belt Buckle


This belt-buckle iPhone case may be all-too reminiscent of that 1980s fashion disaster, the bum-bag, but we have to admit it’s handy. We’re hoping this blingy belt is an early incarnation of the design and the creators will come up with something a little less flashy further down the line.



We love this super-cute hoodie Phone case. It comes in lots of different colours and even features a fully-functioning zip. Again, it’s a fabric-based design. If you suffer from butter fingers you may want to rethink what you want from your phone case though.



Your iPhone may look like everyone else’s, but what you store on it is unique to you. Why not keep that one-of-a-kind vibe going with these customisable cases? Simply select your colour scheme and start stacking.

Smart Resin Skin


Remember those sticky spider toys that you used to throw at windows and watch them ‘climb’ down? Well we’re pretty sure it was those bad boys that the designer of this handy case had in mind when they came up with this tacky design. It’s a creative fun touch that means you don’t always have to hunch over your handset when you want to check your mail.

Skate Deck


Street-style and smartphones seem to go hand in hand. So the inevitable design response has to be skater culture. We’re loving the fierce, shattered effect of the board – one trick too many perhaps?

Omniscient Siri


It may not be the most pocket-friendly design, but this beautiful 3D iPhone case is practically a work of art. It’s a well crafted and artistic approach to functional design that will certainly catch people’s attention next time you try to make a call.

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