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A Showcase of Creative, Minimalist Movie Posters

Many designers who are used to dealing with client work can find it enormously liberating to work on their own personal projects, for fun. Some of my favourite examples of this are designers who choose to create their own minimalist versions of movie posters. Movie posters are an interesting choice because – when designing the artwork – you can choose between capturing the essence of the movie, or a particular stand out scene or character. This is especially true of movie posters that have been reimagined with a minimalist approach. It’s important that that one idea is captured and that does a good job of summarising what may be 3 hours worth of material into that one visual.

Redesigning your own movie posters can be extremely fun and rewarding, and makes for great practice if you’re trying to improve your print design skills. Personal projects are great for this sort of thing, as it can actually be quite relaxing and you have your own creative freedom to design it how you’d like, rather than following a client brief.

To help give you some inspiration, I’ve collected a showcase of some of my favourite examples. These are all movie posters that have been redesigned by designers who wanted to favour a much more minimalist approach, and I think they’ve all done a fantastic job. If you know of any other examples, let us know in the comments!

Django Unchained






Star Wars: A New Hope


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