Basic and Easy Tutorial for Amazon Kindle Paper White

The Kindle Paper White is a best eBook reader from Amazon, and is one of the most popular among the series of models. Using the Kindle is not very much different from other tables, which is with the use of taps and swipes on the screen. There are three basic types of tapping on the Kindle, and each of these types would yield different results depending on the context of what is onscreen.

Below are the steps of tapping and swiping the Amazon Kindle Paper White:


The most common type of navigation is done through tapping on the screen. To pull up the menu, tap on the upper portion of the screen. Among the menu choices are the home button, a context menu of the page, if there are any links on the page will show among the menu choices, and it can also pull up the last action that the user did. The menu choices are accessible with a tap.


The menu bar can contain internal links within a book, like different chapters or specific quotes. Or the book can have links to other books or to the dictionary. Tapping on the link will open the book on the specific link location, or open another book, which is in your library.

Different results happen when the user taps on the screen. The home page will have a list of books and collections. Tapping on a book will open the book on the page the user is currently reading. Tapping on the collection will show the contents of the collection. In earlier versions of the Kindle, there were dedicated physical menus at the bottom of the screen.

When within a book, tapping on different areas of the page will give different results. As mentioned above, tapping on the top of the page will show the menu bar. For the rest of the page, imagine that the page is divided into two parts divided lengthwise. The left-hand part is only a small margin about an inch or two wide. Tapping on this area, the previous page will open. For the rest of the page, tapping will open the next page.

Tap and Hold


When you tap and hold on a Collection, a context menu appears which allows you to organize your collection. A tap and hold on a book, will show options for books, or magazines, which include sending the book to the cloud, as well as opening the book on the first page, or the last page read.

When on a page, a tap and hold on a word will show a menu with the dictionary meaning of the word. You can navigate through the short definition or a full dictionary entry of the word while the menu is open.

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