Latest Apple iPad Pro Review – New Apple Tablet

Latest Apple iPad Pro Review

Latest Apple iPad Pro Review – New Apple Tablet is already released by Apple. Experts from writing service AssignmentMasters prepared a review on the Ipad Pro and found that it is useful not only for designers, but also for writers. It makes the research process more productive, which means that the planning and research element of a writer’s work may be done while he or she is out and about, so that only the physical writing is required when the writer gets to the office (or home) to work.

The iPad Pro is a slate tablet that may be converted into some sort of laptop device with the use of a keyboard, but it functions better as a slate tablet alone. It is handheld and there is an LTE version as well as a Wi-Fi version. The places it excels are with RAM, as it has 4GB as opposed to the standard 2GB for other devices, and its battery capacity of over 10K (mAh), which is more than any of its leading competitors.

The Screen Size And Display

Latest Apple iPad Pro Review - Display

The iPad Pro has a robust 12.9-inch screen, which makes it larger than its leading competitors, with the exception of special models such as wide-screen models. The screen size has not affected the view in any negative way as it still has a resolution of 2,732 by 2,048 pixels, making it a 265 PPI (pixels-per-inch) device, which is 56% sharper than the average tablet. It usually is IPS, LED, and Retina LCD. It is a touch screen device with scratch resistant glass and an ambient light sensor.

The Memory And The Processor

Latest Apple iPad Pro Review - momory

Firstly, the amount of RAM it has is 4GB, which is more than its leading competitors with its closest competitor only having 3GB of RAM. Such a massive amount of RAM means that the iPad Pro is a hard device to freeze up or stall; it means tasks will be performed a little more efficiently, and multitasking is less likely to create any sort of lag.

The processor is a dual core Apple A9X with the primary CPU (Central Processing Unit) being the Typhoon A9X model. The processor runs at 2.3 GHz, which is very fast for a tablet device. It is a duel-core device, which means when allied with the 4GB of RAM it is a tablet that can do a lot of multitasking.

The iPad Pro comes with 128GB of hard drive memory with no options to expand the memory. One of the reasons they do not like you expanding the memory is firstly because they charge more for devices with more memory, and they couldn’t do that if you could expand the memory. Secondly, they want people to pay for Apple iCloud storage, which is why there is no extension slot. Most people find that 128GB of memory is okay for a tablet device. It is only really heavy downloader’s and hardcore users that need more hard drive memory than 128GB.

The Camera On The iPad Pro

Latest Apple iPad Pro Review - Pencil

With the iPad Pro, you get a front facing camera, a rear-facing camera; it has auto focus, burst mode and GeoTagging. The front camera quality is 1.2 mega pixels, which is rather low even for a front (selfie) camera. The camera has an auto-focus tool that is not as common on tablets as it should be.

The rear camera is 8 mega pixel, which is fine since the quality and type of lens takes over beyond 8 mega pixel, which means if your camera is more than 8 mega pixel, it must have either a fantastic lens or extra photo-taking software to take advantage of the extra mega pixel capacity. The iPad Pro may also record 1080p HD video too, which is currently the most you are able to capture with a tablet device.

The Battery And Battery Life

Latest Apple iPad Pro Review

Many tablets have batteries between 6K and 8K, but Apple devices tend to opt for larger batteries of around 8K. The iPad Pro has a massive 10K battery, which is far more than most other tablets. Despite the massive battery, the battery life is only around 9 hours, which is still 13% more than the average battery life, but that is not a large increase in battery life when you consider the large jump in battery size.

One of the biggest reasons for the seemingly average battery life of this Li Polymer battery is because it has a duel-core that runs at a faster-than-average speed of 2.3 Ghz. If you are using your device to its full capacity with multiple tasks that are chewing up the RAM, then you can expect a shorter battery life. If you are just reading e-books, then the battery will last longer than 9 hours. Apple doesn’t favor having too many background processes at one time, but even with that being the case, you can lengthen the battery life by turning off processes that are not needed, such as your GPS.

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