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Attractive Flash Preloader Tutorials

Preloaders are custom-built indicators that inform viewers that contents are being loaded into the Flash. A flash preloader will help viewers have more patience while viewing sites and web pages while they wait for it to load. It is useful in web pages, especially when it takes too long to view the contents of the page, for viewers not to get bored and may lose their interest. They may look simple and easy to create, but creating one that works effectively can be quit frustrating.

Flash Tutorial: Preloader Standard

Flash Tutorial: Preloader Progress Bar Component

FLASH cs3 VIDEO TIP – Classic Filling Preloader

This is a very popular preloader, but is rarely explained in a simple flash cs3 video tutorial. Add some pro elements to your site by creating a preloader that fills you own logo. In this flash cs3 video tutorial, you will learn the basics to any preloader mask.

Smooth PreLoader

This tutorial will show you how to make a smooth preloader for your site. This method does away with the old “ifFrameLoaded” method which led to jerky preloaders such as this one: preloader2.swf

After you have finished this tutorial you will end up with something like this: preloader.swf

Flash Tutorials – Preloader Tutorial – By: Chad Freiling

Flash Tutorial: Advanced Preloader

How to make a Flash Preloader

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Simple Flash Preloader

This tutorial will explain how to create a simple Preloader in Flash MX 2004. The download .fla is included at the end of the tutorial.

Flash Timeline Preloader

Making the complete internal preloader in Flash 8

Creating a Flash Preloader

Flash Tutorial, The Preloader

How to make a Preloader in Flash CS3 Part 1

How to make flash preloader

Flash percentage preloader with Load Bar

Preloader with Flash CS3 – advanced

Creating an animated main preloader in Flash CS3

Create an Apple Inspired Flash Preloader

Preloader With Flash CS3

Create the Simple Flash Preloader

How to Create a Flash preloader movieclip

Create Basic Flash Preloader

Create a Flash Preloader

Advanced Preloader

Star flash preloader

AS3 Tutorial – Bitmap Based Preloader

Preloaders and Simulating the Download

Simple AS3 Preloader Tutorial

Basic loading bar preloader

Flash Preloader by bestflashanimationsite

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