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Best iPhone Backgrounds And Wallpapers for Latest iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone Plus

best iphone backgrounds

Best iPhone backgrounds and wallpapers are your favourite, if you are an iPhone owner. You want your iPhone to look different from others. The good question is how? Well, the easiest way is to add a unique iPhone background which other people don’t have. Android or iPhone Wallpapers give your cell phone a different look and enhance your personality to you mobile. You can fine hundreds and thousands of free online desktop and mobile wallpapers over the internet, but finding a gems between them surely take some time and efforts. Before I showed you some of the cool iPhone Wallpapers, I would like to tell you the two drawbacks of an iPhone. The first and very important is its price, especially after the release of an iPhone X and iPhone 8 Plus and the second one is the default appearance and backgrounds. There is not competitive edge among them. From appearance, they all looks the same.

How To Choose the Best iPhone Backgrounds in 2018?

The selection criteria are very simple. You need to look for the following aspects before you choose any iPhone Background.

I’m The 1

  1. The very first thing is, you do not select any wallpaper which gets your focus away from your mobile app icons. That doesn’t mean that you should select a pure black or white color either.
  2. Best you download any iPhone backgrounds you should see the resolution. You can’t simply download an image to your iPhone and set it as background.
  3. Another important aspect is to choose the correct color and pattern which suits your mobile color.
  4. If you’re using any iPhone mobile covers, then the wallpapers and iPhone backgrounds should simulate with each other. If you are using a shocking pink color of iPhone carry case, it’s not recommended to use the dark green color of Best iPhone backgrounds 2018.
  5. Lastly, make sure you download the wallpaper from the known source. That is very important. DesignsMag always provides you with the best iPhone Backgrounds HD.

How to Change to Best Backgrounds for iPhone?

I am quite sure every smartphone user know how to change the background and wallpaper of the mobile. Anyhow, if you don’t know how to change. No worry we will explain you in a very simple step by step tutorial how to change the wallpaper of your iPhone. There are so many ways to achieve this but lets do it in a professional way.

Step by Step Tutorial – Changing iPhone Backgrounds

Step 1 : On your Phone Screen select the setting icon

Step 2 : Click on “Wallpaper” its a blue color spiral flower icon.

Step 3 : Tap on Choose a New Wallpaper from the top.

Step 4 : Go to Camera Roll and select the Best iPhone Backgrounds from the picture available in your Gallery.

Step 5 : Choose “perspective” or “still” wallpaper style. Perspective makes the image move slightly as the iPhone is tilted.

Step 6 : Click on Set and it will ask you either you want to set on Lock Screen, Home Screen or Both.

Step 7 : Tap on your required option.

You’re done. To see your new iPhone wallpaper, lock your iPhone or press the Home screen.

How to Change to Backgrounds for Android or Samsung?

If you are Android Smartphone user, then follow this small tutorial and change your Samsung Wallpaper or any Android phone Background.

Step by Step Tutorial for Android Phone Users

Step 1 : Download your required Android Phone wallpaper from the collection below.

Step 2 : Keep pressing the image for about few seconds till a sharing menu bring up.

Step 3 : Press Save Image Button

Step 4 : Save this Best Wallpaper for your Android Phone to your Phone Gallery.

Step 5 : Now It’s time to change the wallpaper now. Which is a piece of cake 🙂

Step 6 : Open Phone Gallery and open the downloaded Images. You will see three vertical dot on the top right corner.

Step 7 : Once you click on those three dots. from the menu you will find “SET  AS WALLPAPER”

That’s it you are done with changing the Wallpaper on your Android Device. 

I think that’s enough for the tutorial session. Let’s get back to our Best iPhone backgrounds and wallpapers discussion. The question is why should I bother to change my iPhone Wallpapers. Well, the answer is very simple and to the point. All iPhone till now released comes with the same Wallpapers. So to stand out from the crowd you need custom Wallpapers instead of the ones come with the Apple standard iPhone. There is a big community who don’t like to keep those wallpaper and would love to change now and then.

Benefits of Changing High Quality iPhone Backgrounds

iPhone Wallpapers are cute no doubt, but user gets bored especially the young generation. According to a survey conducted, the majority of students in School and colleges are regularly changing their iPhone backgrounds.  if you search on google HD iPhone Backgrounds at the bottom of the page you will the related searches on that phrase bring Latest iphone backgrounds 2018, best iphone backgrounds for guys, best backgrounds iphone 6 plus, best iphone wallpaper app showed which means there are so many users searching these things. As far as the benefits are concern, Here are some benefits

  1. It tends to change the mod for the user.
  2. It gives new look and appearance to your old iPhone.
  3. It keeps you emotion alive and interest in using your iPhone.
  4. It gives a unique interface and user didn’t get bored with the device.
  5. The biggest benefit is “Free of Cost”

Download New iPhone X Wallpapers

The latest iPhone X is an amazing piece of art, with its sleek, elegant and full size OLED display. The large and full screen of the iPhone X is ideal for the Best iPhone Backgrounds. As we have explained above that, any wallpaper can beautify your iPhone. In the marketing campaign of Apple iPhone X, they have used some of the stunning and mind-blowing Wallpapers. None of those wallpapers is available anywhere. Only the User of iPhone X can enjoy them on their 5.8 inch OLED display. Wait don’t get disappointed. We are here to provide you with all of them in case if you own an older version of iPhone. Download the iPhone X wallpapers from the link below and enjoy with full glory on your older iPhone.

best iphone backgrounds

Download the mega collection of iPhone X, iOS 11, iOS 10, iOS 9, iOS 8, iOS 7, iOS 6, iOS 5, iOS 4, iOS 0 -03, 3D Touch Stills, iPhone SE Wallpapers and Unknown iOS Wallpapers from the link below.

NOTE : Those wallpapers are not in 1080p High resolution so they might not look that good on the iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 8 Plus.

Download Today The Cool iPhone Backgrounds  and Wallpaper High Quality

Download today the best resource to find the HD cool iPhone Wallpapers in high quality that will give your iPhone display a stunning look and add a charm to it. These Wallpaper iPhone hd can be download from the source link below.

cool iphone wallpapers

Download Best iPhone Backgrounds & Wallpapers Now

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We are very hopeful that you will get what you are looking in terms of best iPhone Backgrounds and Wallpapers. Do leave a comment if you want any specific iPhone or android wallpaper and we will try our best to provide you in no time.  In the meanwhile do check the below interesting articles. We have a huge collection of iPhone and Samsung Wallpapers at DesignsMag. In return don’t forget to share this mega collection of mobile wallpapers with your frineds, family members, and relatives. Lets everyone get the benefit.

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