Celebrate New Years with these Unique Party Decoration Ideas

New Year’s Eve is some days away. It is a time which will require us all to gather around and make the most of it. There are a large number of New Years party ideas for celebrating the time which comes after a long time but stays for a few moments. After Christmas, people do not get enough time to go for a new set of shopping to the markets to get their houses decorated for the New Year’s celebrations. Many a times, people even have to utilize their Christmas celebrations for the New Year’s Eve. However, this time they would not have to do so. By following these easy to pursue New Years party ideas, you can create an impression on your guests.

Confetti and Glitter

New Years party ideas

Confetti and glitter are an essential part of celebrations. They are one of those New Years party ideas which you cannot miss. You can sprinkle glitter and confetti all around the house to give it a festive look. On the other hand, you can use party poppers for showering glitter and confetti on the guests. They are easily available and convenient to use. Moreover, they will help you escape the trouble of making confetti yourself.

Bar Carts

Bar-Cart-Ideas-designsmag-New Years party ideas

Bar carts are becoming a trend at present. They are considered to be an essential part of parties where the hosts tend to celebrate with their guests without being bothered for doing little chores like getting to the bar and getting bottles for drinks. At the New Year’s Eve you can get a beautiful bar cart ready for your guests. Keeping the best collection of your drinks on the cart, you can add a little color on your bar cart by using balloons and ribbons.



Balloons are an all time hit item for celebrations. They are affordable, readily available in the market and easy to decorate. You can buy balloons in different colors or choose those colors that go with your home décor. You can hang them on the doors or fill them gas to float along the ceiling of your lounge. Balloons can become more fun when they are filled with glitter and confetti to be blown at the heads of friends who won’t mind it.

New Year Cakes and Pastries

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New Year brings a new chapter in life. It should be celebrated with adding a little sweetness. On New Year’s Eve you can bake or order delicious cakes and pastries for your family and friends. Make them last the night so that no one is left behind in taking in the sweetness of the jolly time. However, the cakes and pastries do not necessarily have to be sophisticated. You can bake traditional delicacies to make the evening alive.

Party Hats

new-year-party-hats-designsmag-New Years party ideas

Fill in the colors and joy of the New Year’s Eve with party hats for all your guests. Party hats are those New Years party ideas which will increase the excitement of your guests. They are the ultimate elements for decorating the night with the thrill of the countdown. Moreover, they will make your guests feel the mood of the party you have arranged for them.

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