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Contemporary Bedding Look Fabulous at Your New Home

Your home is your haven, and your bedroom is your private sanctuary. Whether you are a single adult or a family homeowner, you need you own space where you can feel relaxed and comfortable. This is especially true when you move into a new home, as moving house is by far one of the most stressful experiences a person, a couple or a family will go through.


A good bedroom is all about one essential item; the bed, of course! Get that right and you’ll have an amazing sanctuary that you’ll appreciate every time you need a quiet five.

Make sure that you invest in a good comfortable bed, and for a bedroom that really rocks your world makes sure you also invest in high quality contemporary bedding.

Defining Contemporary Bedding


You’re probably wondering, what is contemporary bedding? How will I know if my bedding design is contemporary?

Like any designed item, trends change every season and every year. The trick to contemporary bedding is to choose a style that:

* Suits the current season (so you will want to invest in several sets of contemporary bedding)

* Compliments your room décor

* Will withstand the test of time

Bedding isn’t designed to last forever, but if you’re going to invest in contemporary bedding then you’ll want to be sure that your getting your money’s worth!

Decorating Your New Home with Contemporary Bedding

There are a lot of design trends that you may want to consider when choosing you contemporary bedding.

Classic Monochrome


The classic black and white look in the bedroom can look elegant and amazing.

This super stylish look will never go out of fashion, and it speaks of taste.

The great thing about the monochrome effect is that you can dress it up to look regal and classical with grand chandeliers and wooden flooring or you can make it look super modern with touches of chrome,

big windows and modern prints.

No matter how you decide to rock the classic monochrome look you can be confident that your bedding will be contemporary and cool.

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Earthy Colors and Striped Designs


Striped bedding is big this season, so are earthy colors such as greens and browns, with hints of orange, so why not choose a bedding set that includes a little of both?

If you’re going to rock this modern design then you will need to make sure that the room’s décor is designed to complement the bedding. This can be quite a tricky color scheme to pull off, but get it right and you’ll have a really modern and super relaxing bedroom.

Make sure that you make your bed the feature of the room too, and avoid making the room too busy with lots of furniture.

Go Romantic with Red


The bedroom is definitely the place for romance in any home, so if your new home is a love-nest for you and your partner then don’t be shy of declaring your love with the most romantic color of them all – red.

A red inspired bedroom can look amazing, although you’ll need to think carefully how you will implement the color.

For a little while the trend was to paint the walls red, however, that trend quickly died out and now the trend is back to red bedding.

Contrast your contemporary red bedding with crisp white walls and dark black or deep brown furniture and you’ll create the perfect room for romance.

Go With the Throw


It’s very easy to over think the problem of choosing contemporary bedding, so if you’re really not sure then just go with the throw! A good throw is a great place to start your hunt for complimentary bedding. You can also choose cushions as your starting place too.

Keep Your Bedroom Beautiful and Always Make Your Bed!

Before you blitz a lot of money and new bedding, throws, pillows, cushions and more, ask yourself honestly, how much time can you commit each day to making your bed?

If you don’t have a lot of time (or patience) to dedicate to bed-making then keep your bedding simple and stylish. If you’re prepared to spend time plumping up pillows, resetting the throw and organizing your decorative cushions then go extravagant. Just don’t buy all the bits and pieces for your bedding set if you can’t keep it up. A messy bed is the quickest way to ruin the Zen in your bedroom!

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