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Cool Watercolor Tattoos 2017 –

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Introduction about Cool Watercolor Tattoo

There is a new craze in the world of tattoos and body art, and like me, many people are un-educated on the finer points of this new artistic route known watercolor tattoo.

The tattoo business, both nationally and throughout the world, is a lucrative sector worth billions, and the developments and the improvements seen in recent years are huge. Some of the artwork seen from scouring the World Wide Web is truly breathtaking. So how does the newest development compare with the likes of 3D tattoos, Celtic bands, and the other types available? Before comparing, however, let me describe water a watercolour tattoo actually is.

What is the Watercolour Tattoo

A watercolor or colored tattoo is like a watercolor painting is in the art world, it’s a method of adding color, that makes the art appear blurred almost. The color seems to be applied more sparing and uneven, giving off a sort of dream-like effect.

The tattoo takes on this form and the color is inked on the skin minus a solid bound or outline, the process is completed in the same way, the tattooist uses the same equipment, the same ink, and the same quantities, the defining aspect here is the methods used in the art itself. “It’s how you draw the picture,” said, one artist, when asked about watercolor designs tattoos. The message I gained that comment, is that the tattooist draws the watercolor effect, using shading techniques and clever distribution of the ink. A painter doesn’t need to draw the effects, as he can use actual watercolor paints.

So a colorful tattoo is a normal tattoo which is drawn to look like effect given from using actual watercolors. There is no special equipment, No specialist inks, or stencils, the method purely is just copying the picture in front of you.

How to Make Water Color The Tattoo

Thoughts and Opinion on Watercolor Tattoos

Copying the picture makes this sound simple and detracts from the talent of the artist.To make any drawing look like a watercolor takes immense talent and a very detailed eye due to the shading and uneven coloring. This is probably why not many tattooist deals with watercolor effect, it is a special area that not all are confident in.

The effects, however, are very visually appealing, some I would even use the word “beautiful”. The effects achieved by not enclosing the tattoo in a solid boundary are very effective making the tattoo look natural, l if you like, with the majority of examples I have seen, I would suggest that watercolor flower tattoos are more directed at the female clientele, and although they are men that adorn these tattoos, and very effectively I might add, I would associate them with the woman tattoo enthusiast.

Will they rival the long in the tooth Celtic band or the new upcoming 3D tattoos? W ell that’s subject to opinion but I believe not due mainly down to the reason above, they seem very feminine, reducing the potential customers. I do however believe that tattoos design with watercolor will be very popular and will see them possibly improve or adapt to factor in the male sector.

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