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Design Your B-Card For Successful Business

A professional B-card must be design to drag the new customer s attention towards our products and services. It acts like a networking, an advertisement and producing a tool. It represents both you and your business. In case if it is carrying you both (business and you) then B-card is not working for you. Business card acts like a marketing tool for people who started new business.

Many people design the business card on their home computer and make them look in an attractive way .B-card can be used as good tool to get them observed and recollect. In fact business cards are overlooked in all corporate tools. A stylish, specialized card makes you look professional, home-based cooperate card looks like imprint of unprofessional card.


For successful B-cards:

  • Use a convincing image that a complements and shows that what you are selling.
  • Make it look different to capture and recollect when the client require our service.
  • Try to print a loads of cards using multiple and bright colors.
  • Print pictures on b-cards that carrier’s emotion and most they look effective but not   suitable for all businesses.
  • Use materials like colored stock or plastic, which looks different from other cards and is bound to remember.
  • Design you’re card in different way or use different shape which suits your product.
  • A card in vertical direction drags more attention of the customer.
  • Cards can be designed like mini-brochures.
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  • Design your card in interesting way that encourages customers to collect them.
  • B-card includes name, tittle, phone numbers, address, website and logo of your company.
  • Logo should represent our marketing materials.
  • Include publicity motto that rouses an expressive response and acts as manual to your customer.
  • Keep it simple with normal fonts and try not using other fonts which might be difficult to read.
  • Use large font size so people of any age can read it easily.
  • Use the entire updated version on your B-cards.
  • Keep information simple to the point.
  • On the back of your card print testimonials, product information, discounts and calendar.


Useful points:

There are chances if you’re not printing a thousand cards in a year, then you’re not using the every opportunity in your business.

If you card is standing on the bulletin board with many other cards. Perhaps it isn’t good to remember.

When we are giving b-card to someone. If they aren’t giving as any comments about that card. We can say it isn’t impressive.

When handling a b-card. Ask them to give their b-card as well to add a new contact to our business list.

When our business is not running successfully try to use PPI claims for insurance.

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