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Introduction – Features of Best Web Designing Tools

Website designing is the order of the day in the world today. Lots of designers produce powerful websites; professional designers are in constant demand due to the quality services they offer. However, designing of a website can pose some difficulties and challenges. Sometimes, the processes can be tricky and poor quality produced. The major reason for this is the quality of the design tools used in the development of the website. For instance, a website developed using outdated and old design tool will not meet up with the modern technology.

The facilities and features offered by the best web designing tools

In order for your website to serve the visitors better, it has to be built with the latest technology invoke. The three renowned new software applications for building effective websites are:

  • CSS3
  • HTML 5 and
  • WordPress

However, it should be know that although these applications have top notch facilities are produce effective designs yet your skill is required. They prove abortive if you lack imaginative abilities as a developer.

Features of CSS3

Features of CSS3

CSS3 is a wonderful software for developing websites with lots of advantages and features. It has RGBA color, corner radius, box shadow, gradients and lots more others. With these properties, it becomes easy to develop websites as fast as possible without wasting lots of time. The properties of CSS3 make it possible for web maintenance to be achieved easily. It also offers great performance improvements, faster downloads and less Hypertext Transfer Protocol requests. The CSS3 2D and 3D features are very important for developing web-kits for iPhones and iPads. It also has numerous other benefits.

Features of HTML 5

Features of HTML 5

This is the best facility for developing website in the world today. It has top notch features that make it better than every other facility used in developing website. This is the major reason why many web designers have turned over to it for website development. Below are the features available in HTML 5

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  • HTML 5 is compatible with many browsers and devices. Websites developed with this tool can thus be used across platforms. It also can be used easily with Smartphone mobile devices.
  • HTML 5 has lots of plug-ins and thus downloading of videos and audios are made easy. You do not need to purchase plug-ins in such website.
  • It is also user friendly. This is the major reason why many a designer prefers using it for website development.

Features of WordPress

Features of WordPress

This is a content management system and an open source blogging tool that can be used to build blogs. It is based on MySQL and PHP and has lots of templates and features which are highlighted below.

  • WordPress has lots of plug-ins and thus multiple features can be installed in blogs built with it.
  • It also saves time and money. Blogs can be easily designed with this CMS application.
  • With WordPress, you can easily post updates to your blog and thus improve your search engine ranking.
  • WordPress is the best for search engine optimization and therefore Google advocates its use.
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