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175+ Professional and Free Photoshop Actions for Designers

Many designers and photographers spend hours to find the right Free Photoshop actions that will help them to active their results. Photoshop Actions and Brushes are extremely powerful and useful when it comes to time saving. Why to repeat your step on each picture or images when you can automate? Download those Photoshop actions, get benefit with time saving techniques, and increase your library to work more professionally. Simple apply the actions and you are done with your photo editing. Not only this, Photographers pass their techniques quicker to their colleagues and others. There are many type of actions that you can perform from Vintage effect, Black and White, HDR and Retro effect.

In simple words, Photoshop actions are the set of command or a recorded command that can be performed on as many picture simultaneously. For example, if you want to resize or give a certain effect to all your pictures for an album you can run the actions and get the work done with just few clicks. Photoshop will apply the same effect on all images while you are having a sip of your coffee.

DeviantArt is a massive storehouse for designers and photographers. They used to upload their free Photoshop actions and share their work with other community members. If you want to have more professional results, and you do not have enough time then GraphicRiver can help you with an Affordable Photoshop Actions. They do offer some premium photo editing services from Envato Studio experts.

For those who are new to this field, we will start with a small video, which can explain How to Record and Install Photoshop actions and then we will share with you our huge collection of free Photoshop actions and brushes which you can simply download and add them to your library for your up coming projects.

How to Record and Install Photoshop Actions

Free Photoshop Actions

Faux HDR Action

Faux HDR Action

HDR Action

HDR Photoshop Action

HDR Photoshop Action

HDR Photoshop Actions free

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