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Get the superb Depositphotos images to embellish your creativity!

Present day designing, be it for websites, or magazines and newspapers, cannot do without quality photos and images that are essential to add visual appeal and a sense of balance to the text. If you are active in the field of designing, you must be familiar with Depositphotos, the rapidly rising microstock image agency. Depositphotos ( offers an interested buyer a collection of millions of royalty-free, high quality stock photos and vector images. Starting out in the industry in 2009 with headquarters in Florida, USA, the agency has grown immensely in a short span of time to have a strong global presence. It is available in 14 languages and caters to users in more than 192 countries. Fresh content that is getting added at the remarkable rate of almost 100,000 images weekly, easy processes for image buy/sell, and innovative marketing initiatives are some of the factors that have contributed to making Depositphotos a microstsock agency to watch out for.

Let us take a look at the general features that the site offers, starting with their Christmas offer that is now on.

Deposit Photos

Joining in the Christmas celebrations!

Christmas Offer 20% Discount

Christmas Offer 20% Discount

Christmas celebrations have just got more colorful with the fabulous discount offer from Depositphotos. Check out for the gorgeous collection of Christmas images that you can have at an amazing discount of 20%. So, get your creative juices flowing and make full use of the Christmas related graphic art, images, photos, borders, vectors, illustrations, etc. that Depositphotos is doling out. With such an incredible collection of high quality images, designing for the festival will surely be great fun.

What do photo-seekers get?


Whether you are an advertiser, designer, blogger, content manager, or photo editor, the huge selection of top grade images and photos offered by Depositphotos makes it highly improbable that you don’t find what you were looking for. And topping that is the fantastic organization of the files that helps you find the correct image in minutes. You can easily look through the available collection for what you require by refining the search on the basis of category. There are 39 distinct categories you can choose from. You may also browse through the images via the tabs of Most Popular, Newest Files, Popular Keywords, etc.

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You can register at Depositphotos for free and browse through the collection. If you like what you see and wish to purchase, you will find a number of convenient payment options. You can either buy annual credits, or choose one of the subscription plans that allow fixed number of downloads daily for a fixed number of months.

Stock photos are useful to work with only if they are of good quality. You can rest assured about the high quality of the images available at Depositphotos.

Interested in selling?


Creative people who are interested in selling their photos or vectors to Depositphotos are welcome. The process is quite simple. You begin by registering for a free no-obligation Contributor’s account, and submitting a sample of your work. Once it gets a thumps-up from the inspectors, the site allows you to upload your image files for sale. You have to be the original author of the uploaded work and over 18 years of age to feature on Depositphotos. You may either be a Non-exclusive contributor or an Exclusive one, whereby you cannot sell your work at any other site.

There are 5 Contributor levels that are decided on the basis of the amount of sales you notch up. Your earnings increase as the level goes higher. The royalties range between 44% and 52% for Non-exclusive contributors, and 50% and 60% for Exclusive contributors.



Among the irresistible features of Depositphotos, that are taking the agency to the next level in the microstock industry, are

  • Smoothly navigable and easy to use site
  • Great image collection, expanding rapidly
  • Good image quality
  • Advanced search filters
  • Reasonable prices
  • Lucrative offers and coupons on a regular basis
  • Good commissions for contributors


About the author


Naaz is a web designer and loves to find new tips and tricks for creativity purposes and likes to share them with the people.


  • I had a very bad experience with Depositphotos.

    I haven’t used my account for a only 2 months ,today i entered the website to download an image needed urgently, and my account with all the Unused credits that were kept in my account suddenly “disappeared”!!!!

    the customer service say they can’t trace them . I am surely not going back there ever again.

    • Hello Tali,

      My name is Shawn, I’m working at Depositphotos. I think, that it some kind of misunderstanding.

      I just checked your account, with your username and it seems, that the last time you logged in to your account on Depositphotos, was 01-09-2011. Do you have a different account?
      Contact our support team to solve that problem via

      Depositphotos Team

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