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Halloween Card Designs, A Step To Spread Love

Halloween is a celebration and fantasy, celebrated on 31st October, last day of Celtic calendar. On this eve little ghost and elves take over the street, asking for candies and are in weird and scary costumes. They celebrate this eve by giving a spooky look. Celts believe that soul of dead wander around the street on Halloween eve, as all spirits are not welcoming so gifts and sweets are left out to calm the evils. People wish Halloween by sending magical greeting cards of different designs. So here we have some amazing designs, which will give you unique ideas for Halloween card designs which you can give on upcoming Halloween event.

In this Halloween Card Designs, A Step to spread Love article you will find:

  1. Best Horror Halloween Card Designs
  2. Funny Halloween Card Designs for Friends
  3. Halloween Cards with Quotes
  4. Ideas to Make Homemade Creative Halloween Cards

Horror Halloween Card Designs:

Best color combination for Halloween theme card is black and orange. You can make card giving it a horror look, by using theme of fire with night, evil and weird faces craved on pumpkin filled with orange light that seems like hell fire. You can make horrible shadow of bat with orange light border and with red light. On top you can write “Halloween” with red or black color, shaded with fire color giving a dreadful feeling.

Halloween Card Designs

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