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Halloween Face Painting Ideas, Step To Make The Celebration Memorable

Halloween is a festival, which is celebrated with full joy on 31st October, every year. Halloween eve celebration includes parties, decoration of pumpkins, lightening, born-fire, horror movies, scary stories, costume parties, and many other things. On this eve people paint their faces with HALLOWEEN FACE PAINTING IDEAS. Well, are you searching for face painting ideas for this upcoming Halloween party? Yes! Then you are in right place. We have amazing ideas, which can make your Halloween party one of the memorable ones.

This article contains:

  1. Halloween Wicked Witch Face Paint Ideas
  2. Halloween Pumpkin Face Paint
  3. Snow Queen Face Paint
  4. Ideas for Halloween Skeleton Face Paint
  5. Example of Halloween Wizard Face Paint

Halloween Wicked Witch Face Paint

Do you want to look at the scariest one at Halloween party? Well, yes then Halloween wicked witch face painting will be the best option. To apply a wicked witch face all you need is water-based paints, brushes and face painting sponges. Be careful with the paints you use on your skin. Do test them first, before applying on the whole face.

Halloween Face Painting Ideas





Halloween Face Painting Ideas

Halloween Pumpkin Face Paint

Pumpkin face painting is one of the easiest. If your kids want to enjoy, Halloween eve, by painting their faces and going to parties then this is the best face painting option for them. As the kids don’t require too much spook hence, this will be the best choice. It is one of the ideal designs, to initiate your kids to the ritual of Halloween. All you need is orange, green and brown face paint, brushes and face painting sponges.

Halloween Face Painting Ideas





Halloween Face Painting Ideas

Snow Queen Face Paint

Don’t want to look scary on this upcoming Halloween party? Well, here is an amazing idea for you, Snow queen face paint. This will give you a sparkling, elegant and adorable look at Halloween party. It is the best idea for kids, as they get scared of horror faces and you also can use this idea. It is easy to create and give you a simple appearance. All you need is white, blue and pink face paints, brushes and a sponge. Besides these colors, you can use any other colors too. Just be careful before applying paints on your face. Do test them, by applying on a small portion of your skin.

Halloween Face Painting Ideas







Halloween Face Painting Ideas

Halloween Skeleton Face Paint

On this Halloween, do you want to look like a dead man walking? Then Halloween skeleton face paint is the best choice. It will give an appearance of walking dead. A skeleton costume and this face paint will give a scary look. This spooky skeleton face paint is so frightening and is very easy to create. All you need is black, grey and white face paints, brushes and face painting sponges. You have to be a bit careful while making a skeleton appearance on your face.

Halloween Face Painting Ideas








Halloween Face Painting Ideas

Halloween Wizard Face Paint

Halloween is the only eve, where you can paint your face and get dressed up as your favorite spooky hero. It is the magical time of the year, so dress up as your desired appearance. Wizard face paint is liked by many people. So you want to give this appearance on upcoming Halloween to yourself? Well, for this all you need is white, blue, orange, silver and yellow face paints, brushes and face paint sponges. Be careful while applying the paints, as it should give a neat wizard look.

Halloween Face Painting Ideas






Halloween Face Painting Ideas



Halloween is an eve that comes once a year, so it should be celebrated with full joy and happiness. Halloween faces paint ideas will help you in making your festival one of the memorable this year. Use the above ideas and enjoy this upcoming Halloween party.

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