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How to Design Your Own Diamond Engagement Ring

One of the basic accessories found in a woman’s collection are diamond engagement rings. It can be an eternity ring, cluster rings and even an engagement ring. In fact, an engagement ring might be the most important piece of jewelry she’ll own. While the manner of popping the question is something to remember, nothing makes it even more special when an engagement ring is designed by her partner.

Creating a ring is not difficult. All that a man needs is time, effort and attention to detail. But if you are still unsure of how to go about it, then this article will provide you a step by step procedure in how to design an engagement ring. After all, choosing an engagement ring should be rewarding as it symbolizes one’s love and lifetime commitment.



 Create an idea in your mind or draw on paper the kind of engagement ring you want to give to your partner. Through this, you’ll be able to describe to the jeweler how the ring should look like and she can even help you choose the right stones or diamonds to be incorporated on the ring.

Find the right style

 Even before you get married, you will notice the type of jewelry she wears. Check whether she’s into classic, traditional, simple or elaborate designs. If you are unsure, ask her mom or sister to give you tips on the type of ring she wears.

Choose the type of metal to be used


 Decide whether to go for gold or platinum. If you prefer gold, choose between yellow gold or white gold. Platinum is also a good choice however it is more expensive. Titanium is another option due to its durability, however, it cannot be formed into intricate patterns.

Select the right diamond

In picking out the right diamond, you need to remember the 4Cs: clarity, cut, color and carat weight. According to the G.I.A. Diamong Grading System, clarity ranges from flawless or no inclusions and blemishes; internally flawless or insignificant blemishes; very very slightly included where the blemishes are difficult to see; very slightly included in which the inclusions are somewhat easy to see; slightly included or the diamond has noticeable inclusions; and imperfect wherein the blemishes are so obvious that it affects the transparency and brilliance.

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As to color, it varies from colorless, near colorless, faint yellow, very light yellow, light yellow and fancy yellow. On the other hand, the cut of the diamond is very important since it affects light refraction and may hinder the color of the stone when the diamond is improperly cut. Further, the right cut can accentuate the beauty of the diamond so ask the jeweler to compare the different cuts. There are many cuts to choose from – round brilliant, oval, triangle, rectangular or emerald, square, marquise or football shaped and baguette or tapered rectangle. Choose the cut of the diamond that appeal to you most.

Lastly, the carat weight is a unit of measurement used to determine the size of a stone. Applied to diamonds, 1 carat is equivalent to 100 points.

Choose the right style setting for the ring


This setting means the head piece that holds the diamond. There are many styles to choose from, the most common are bezel or prong style. To fully enhance the diamond, go for 4-prong setting.

The important thing to remember in designing an engagement ring is to trust your instinct. Choose something that appeals you most and what you think will suit your partner best. Keep in mind that the ring symbolizes your love for her and your willingness to commit for a lifetime.

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