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How to Re-gift With Class and Get Away With It

When it comes down to gift-giving time, what can be more stressful than facing the reality of going into debt just to have a “little something” for that “special someone.”   Agonizing over gift giving can really put a damper not only on your wallet but also the entire point behind the gift giving season.  Giving should be just as joyful, if not more joyful than receiving and here are a few ideas to help keep the scales tipped in your favor.

Re-gifting vs. Repurposing


It is necessary to delineate the difference between these two, if there are in fact any at all.  I prefer to use the term “repurposing” because it just sounds so, well, eco-friendly.   All things eco-friendly are all the rage at the moment so let’s change our mindset into thinking that we are being green, not with envy but green for mother earth.  Have no shame in the repurposing of a gift; it is totally acceptable.  Consider taking your favorite Christmas songs and putting them all on a CD for a family member or friend.  The mixed tape is never an unappreciated gift.

Ugly sweater?  You gotta be kidding me!

When Aunt Mabel gushes in adoration over your re-gifted, excuse me, repurposed Christmas sweater, you know the one, with the reindeer antlers that have actual jingle bells sewn onto them that jingle when  you move, you know you have done right by who ever gifted it to you in the first place.  Let’s just hope it’s not another family member who is present at your gift exchanging gathering.  Remember this the next time you are cruising a thrift store and spot that horrifically hideous holiday sweater that someone, whether you  are trying to win an ugly sweater contest or are, in fact, a fan of appliquéd puffy nativity scenes, with a sense of humor, or no taste what so ever, will totally appreciate.

Picture Frames?  Captured for posterity


Let’s face it, picture frames are a dime a dozen; everyone’s got at least a half dozen sitting around collecting dust.  Who wouldn’t love a dazzlingly shot of something amazing (preferably you with the recipient) captured for antiquity  (or at least until the next gift giving time).   In all seriousness, framed pictures are a sweet, personalized, thoughtful gift that, especially if a little quality goes into the printing of the contents, can really bring out a smile in our older family members.

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One man’s trash is another man’s gift?


Take a look through your collection of casserole dishes, vases, teapots and serving platters.  Surely there is one that hasn’t fulfilled its purpose in your culinary repertoire and is still in great condition.  Custom- made vessels show less wear and have a unique flair that surely can be appreciated by a family member who loves to entertain.  Be sure there are no chips or cracks as that can be a dead give away to the clever source behind your gift.  Find a well-fitting box, nestle the item in some pretty tissue paper and voila, you’ve got yourself a classy, re-gift.

Gift giving should be a joyful, thoughtful process but in the hustle and bustle of a holiday season, the joy can be snuffed right out of it.  Presenting “used” gifts may seem like a tacky way to go about the process but with a little thought and a touch of class, re-gifting is a clever way to avoid the squeeze that is felt on the wallet around that time of year.

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