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iPhone 6 : Rumors (?) Heat Up

Since the sad demise of Steve Jobs; it seems like Apple has missed the direction. But now we are getting strong inputs from Apple itself that they have planned a much bigger device launch series for financial year 2013-14.

At this time we cannot resist ourselves comparing the launch of iPhone 5 with these recent rumors. At that time Apple has stretched a lot before releasing the product. In marketing playing with target group’s curiosity is a good thing but you cannot use the tactic overly.


We are quite sure that Tim Cook has understood the fact that he is not Steve Jobs. He has to play with his strength and that is supply chain management. Our sources at Silicon Valley and Apple are strongly indicating that Apple will release a bunch of products so that competitors can’t keep up with them. Among all these products iPhone 6 is much awaited and speculated product. So here we are with some “reliable rumors”.

iPhone 6 release date


Tech pundits are predicting the iPhone 5S release in March and the iPhone 6 will release somewhere around August this year. There are certain reasons behind this speculation. As we all know present iPhone 5 lacks NFC and Jumbotron display and Apple does not look in a mood to rectify these physical bugs just because of new products are waiting at release line!

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What iPhone 6 will have?



Our sources are saying that Apple can try Plastics in their new iPhone 6 design. Don’t worry we are very much sure that Apple will never compromise with their devices’ professional appearance. They are working on a design in which the internal Metal parts can be visible through special plastic design.

iOS 7:


it looks like Apple has planned some drastic changes to tackle Android authorized Smart Phone market. The new iPhone 6 will have iOS 7 which will have a unique Apple IP address.

Quad core Processor:


The upcoming iPhone 6 will have Quad core A7 processor instead of present Dual Core A6. Sources are claiming that you can have Hands on with blazing fast processor just in this march with iPad mini 2.

128GB iPhone!


In a surprising move Apple can avail a 128 GB variant of iPhone 6 as they have done with iPad2.

A redefined Screen in all aspects:

iphone5 4

One of the China Based agencies has claimed that new iPhone 6 will have a 4.5inch screen. According to Business Insides this time users won’t have “Home Button”. It can be gesture supported Retina+ IGZO display!

Redefined camera too!


Apple nowadays doesn’t hesitate to buy the components from their competitors. They are buying processors from Samsung and they have bought Camera sensors from Sony in past. Speculations are being made that Sony plans to buy a 13 Mega Pixel sensor form the same manufacturer for the upcoming iPhone 6.

Nokia may inspire Apple in Connectivity segment:

  • As expected and as we claimed earlier in the article that Apple will have NFC in iPhone 6.
  • New iPhone 6 will have better 4G LTE technology.
  • Besides all these improvements and rectifications Apple will lead the Wi-fi segment as per their tradition. Reports are telling that iPhone 6 will have 802.11ac Wi-fi to keep legacy going on.
  • And why to forget Wireless charging? iPhone 6 will provide this feature too and may be with market best performance!

So, wait and watch with fingers crossed!!

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