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Logo Designing, Best Career Alternative for Graphic Designers

Why Logo Designing is the Best Career Alternative for Graphic Designers

Why logo designing is the best career alternative for graphic designers has a very simple answer. Today, any company, big or small, needs a logo if they want to do good business. So, the need for skilled logo designers is always high. A good logo can help company gain popularity with its customers and also be remembered by people. So, what could be a better option for graphic designers than this job? If you are in doubt, then let us see the following points which establish the high rank of logo designing as career alternative for graphic designers.

Can Logo Designing be the Best Career Alternative for Graphic Designers

Because of the Pay:

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You might be thinking that a logo designers pay can vary between $5 and $10 per logo to thousands of dollars per logo. The point that is to be remembered here is that in case of logos, most of the time, with price comes quality. A graphic designer, who intends to put his 100% in the job and develops the perfect logo, need not charge a low amount of money. He may charge what he feels is the right price for his skills and efforts. Let us see how much a logo designer is expected to charge for different types of logos.

  • The logos that you can actually expect will sell for a lower price are predesigned ones. These should cost somewhere between $100 and $300. In case someone is offered logo design costing below a $100, he/she should make sure that the designer would not ask for extra fees to make small alterations. Also, one logo design should only be sold once. Otherwise, that logo loses its value.
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  • The next category is the custom logos, or those that are specially designed for the company by the graphic designer. These usually come for something between $250 and$550. He price range is so high because of the variation in the number of designs and ideas that are used by the designer to create the logo. More the designs, more is the price of logo.
  • The next category is no doubt the most expensive one. Logo designers who are actually able to design such logos can charge anything between $ 800 and $4000. This is because; this is more than just a logo. These logos are usually cartoon ones or even mascots at times. So, along with the designer himself, a professional cartoonist must be employed. Now such a lot definitely cannot come cheap and hence the high quote.

So basically now you know why we said that logo designing is the best career alternative for graphic designers, if you consider the amount of money that they make.

So What Does a Graphic Designer Need to be a Logo Designer:

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The best part about logo designing for graphic designers is that the educational qualification required is basically the same. They still need the Bachelor’s degree in the subject of graphic design and very efficient communication skills. The only thing extra is that big companies do not just give their projects to beginners. They want someone experienced when it comes to something as important as a logo. So, all you have to do is choose some projects than can impress future customers. You don’t have to start with the jackpot company first, start with the small ones. But concentrate on doing the kind of work that is meaningful. Slowly, when you have gained sufficient experience in the field, work yourself up to the better and more reputed brands.

What Does the Work of Logo Designing Involve:

Logo Designing, Best Career Alternative for Graphic Designers-Designsmag

When we say that to be a good logo designer one needs to be creative and original, we probably make it sound a tad too simple. There are many steps of designing the perfect logo. It is not just about sitting and drawing something. So let us see what these steps actually are.

  • It is a part of the designer’s job is to create a set of questions which can give him an insight on what the company needs or wants. These questions must allow the employer to state exactly what he needs and expects from the logo and the logo designer.
  • After this comes the research. It is never possible to design the ideal logo for a company which you know nothing about. So before the logo can be designed, the designer must find out about the Company’s origin, its targets and goals and the type of customers that it caters to.
  • After this comes the actual designing process. Depending on the employer, the designer either presents one final logo or gives him a choice of few finalised and effective designs. Once the design is chosen, the designer can finally consider his work with that company, completed.

So, after reading all this, most graphic designers would be able to understand why logo designing is the perfect career alternative for graphic designers.

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