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Ramadan 2016 HD Wallpapers and Images For Free Download

If you are looking for Ramadan 2016 HD wallpapers, then this is the right place to stop. You must be wondering why I have to do that in first place. Well, we all know Ramadan is a month of piety and has its own importance in Islam. It is a religious month in which all Muslims keep fasts.

Lives are amazing when we look forward to meet some special days. Ramadan is officially said to known as the Month of Holiness and people welcome it with wholeheartedness, zeal and enthusiasm. Here are some questions which may come in your mind regarding same:

What is Islam exactly?

Islam is a religion for peace and was revealed under Prophet Muhammad (SAAW). People who follow the doctrines and rules of this religion are called Muslims. Islam is a religion where Muslims believe in oneness of God – Allah. They also have firm trust on the last Prophet, Muhammad. After whom no more prophets will come in this world. Therefore, Islam is about oneness and seal of prophet-hood.

What are the fasts all about?

Every religion has its own way of paying gratitude to the god. Likewise, in Islam, Muslims fasts during the month of Ramadan. Interestingly, there are fasts in which individuals stay empty stomach for specific reasons. Like in Hinduism, certain fasts are obligatory exclusively for women. In those fats they don’t eat or drink for more than 12 hours. The purpose of those fasts is to bring closeness, love and harmony between spouses.

In Islam, fasts are compulsory on either gender, for those who are above 12 or have reached puberty. Moreover, it starts from the emergence of light. And it closes at the break of dusk. In between, people of this religion don’t eat or drink (nothing at all).

What are these Ramadan 2016 HD wallpapers?

The start of Ramadan in 2016 is said to fall on the 6th or 8th of June. However, to be on the safest side, keep a check on Islamic sites. These Ramadan 2016 HD wallpapers are the best reminders of goodness coming your way. They are easy to download and very handy to use.

These wallpapers are images of mosques, Mecca, Medina, quotes and texts to boost morale of Muslims.

What happens after Ramadan?

Soon after the end of Ramadan, another month starts – Shawwal. And interestingly, everything which happens in this religion is based on the sight of moon. So, once the month of Ramadan ends, Muslims celebrate 3 days of Eid. A festival of rejoicing the completion of the Holy Month.

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