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Some of the facts about finger tattoos Designs and Meanings

Getting tattoos is fun especially when you get it on fingers. They provide you a sweet and self-expressing look because you can have a look at them frequently during your routine life. When you are particularly talking about finger tattoos, small ones are the best. It is not such a common thing to do so you also feel exceptional among the crowd of people getting tattoos on their arms, legs, back, chest and ankles. You can make a tattoo just like the ring on your fingers without worrying that it would be lost. Here are some of the facts that you should know about finger tattoos.

Tricky skin makes it difficult

It is not possible to get the perfect design on your finger. This is because of many reasons, first of all, the large design which you adore of is not possible to fit in the small finger you have. Then the skin of your finger is really delicate and tricky to handle, it is not easy for every person to handle it and make the accurate design on it. Also, the skin does not let the colors show their actual shade. If you use the black ink, it will not show a dark color. Bright colors also become really fade and appear fuzzy. So, you must know that the final look would not be just accurate like you want it to be.

Tattoo Designs fade easily

Here is also the skin problem, the skin of your fingers do not take the ink of tattoos just like the other parts of your body. Even though the skin on your fingers is thick but it does not contain much fat behind it. Another fact is that you wash your hands frequently which makes the ink to fade away easily. The bones of the fingers are surrounded by the flesh which moves a lot, this is also the reason behind fading of tattoos. The best solution to this problem is to retouch the tattoo after some time.

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Care you should take about the finger tattoo

Because of the complications involved with getting tattoos on the fingers, you should take special care of your hands when you get it tattooed. The first rule is to keep the hands clean. Especially when you have recently got it, you should go to a place like a gym or boxing where the sweat and other things contacting your fingers would make it fade. The use of moisturizer will help a lot. This will keep your skin healthy and clean that will enhance the life of your tattoo, and it won’t disappear easily.

These were some of the things to keep in mind when you are getting finger tattoos. Long-term care is really necessary. One thing that is must to know anyone getting a tattoo at any place is that it is surely going to hurt. But, finger tattoos really hurt more than any other place on your body. So, have a strong heart and do it with courage!!!

Collection of Finger Tattoos Designs

Before you go through this mega collection, we would like to tell you that putting all those finger tattoos on one page will make the page slow. So for your convenience, we have converted that into multi-pages. Please do click on next page at the bottom to view the full collection.

Tattoos Icons on Finger

Tattoos Icons on Finger

Planets Tattoos on Finger

Planets Tattoos on Finger

Icons Tattoos on Finger

Planets Tattoos on Finger

Tiny Finger Tattoos – Small Video

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