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5 Most Successful Celebrity Clothing Designers

5 Most Successful Celebrity Clothing Designers

Many celebrities, who got famous for their work in movies, creating music and so on, often try to reach the same level of success in other types of business. Some of them create their signature fragrance, some of them open restaurants, but there is a group of stars who decided to create their clothing line. And of course, some of these celebrities succeeded, and some of them not.

Today I am going to talk about the top 5 most successful celebrity clothing brands designed by celebrities we love. All these successful celebrities are making huge profits for their creators, and all of these brands are considered to be very stylish and indeed worth every penny.

Gwen Stefani

The lead singer of “No Doubt” is without any doubt a very stylish person. Despite the fact, that fashion critics didn’t welcome the Asian and South-American inspired clothing line so well, the L.A.M.B., which is an acronym for Love, Angel, Music, Baby, but it did succeed. Thanks to dedicated Stefani’s fans and, to be honest, pretty neat fashion it offers.

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Stefani currently sells around $90 million a year worth of clothing, shoes, handbags and fragrance, and you can find her clothing at many big brand retailers, just like Nordstrom.

Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen

Two twin girls we loved to see then they grew up on TV right now have a multimillion fashion company and works with one of the most successful clothing line created by celebrities too. At the age of twelve, the Olsen twins started the clothing line with their names at Walmart, but soon after a very successful start, the brand expanded to makeup, and even furniture. So, there is nothing surprising to learn that these two really know how to do business and sell.

Nowadays, Ashley and Mary-Kate own two high-top lines Elizabeth and James, and the Row (you can shop for these clothing at specialized online stores) and one more affordable for J.C. Penney, called Olsen Boy, which can get even more affordable with some special discount codes as well!

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Kate Moss

A super model from the United Kingdom is another very successful clothing designer. Moss worked together with huge British high street retailer, Top Shop, and launched one of their most successful clothing lines to date. The collection included clothing, shoes, and handbags with prices ranging from a few couple of pounds to a few hundreds, so every single fashionista could definitely own a piece from this line.

Probably of this phenomenon success, Moss is still collaborating with Top Shop, designing a new collection for every season since. You can shop for this line directly at Top Shop website.

Nicole Ritchie

In many successful celebrity designer lists, we can often meet Nicole Richie. Firstly, Nicole started her career in fashion with a jewelry line called House of Harlow. But soon after it got pretty successful, and soon after Nicole get pregnant, she got inspired to create a special maternity clothing line called Nicole.

Nicole decided to expand her brands, even more, adding more clothing and accessories to House of Harlow, and soon starting a few other clothing lines as well. You can shop for her brands at many popular retailers like Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman, Macy’s and many others.

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Adam Levine

We can’t forget to mention at least one male celebrity who succeeded in top fashion as well. And it is definitely worth mentioning, that Maroon 5 lead singer Adam Levine is the one. Levine is often found in most well-dressed male celebrities lists. So there was nothing unusual to learn that he was offered to create and launch a clothing brand for men with his name on for Kmart.

In fact, the line was so stylish and so successful, that it was even featured on GQ’s website which is pretty incredible for sure. The good thing is that Levine, following this success in men’s fashion, decided to expand the brand more and added a line for women as well. And, of course, you can shop for it at your next Kmart store!

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