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Techniques to make Modern Resume Design for 2016

What are important features of modern resume design for 2016? Learn next information to make your resume designed in stylish and professional way. These features will surely help you to Make your Resume Design for 2016 modern.

7 Resume Designs for 2016 Techniques

Resume is definitely the most important part of your job search process. Despite being a good way to present your experience and skills, your resume is also a chance to make beneficial first impression. But yet, creating resume design for 2016 is also a difficult task and it is important to find the balance. Apparently, any federal resume writing service will tell you to avoid any arty-crafty designs, while many other professions demand original approach.

But if you are still excited to make outstanding resume by your own, you should learn recommendations about good resume designs for 2016.

Make Stickers


It is an unusual approach to writing a resume. If you have some creative field of activity, you can use it more beneficial. Divide your personal information on logically complete parts and write each part on a particular sticker. Then you need to make your document organized like a wall with all these stickers on it. This will be a good way to present necessary information having no lists and plain text. Besides, you can use different colors to highlight information according to its importance to make it look harmonious in your resume design.

Use Columns


Instead of writing information on stickers, you can simply divide it into columns. This is a tendency of designs 2015 and can show a different and more restrained approach to self-presentation. But yet, this always remains one of the most clear and easy way to present information. In such way your data is readable and an employer will definitely see all important and necessary facts. Use different font sizes for headlines and text. Also place your personal info in a corner to make it more noticeable.

Rank Information

HR managers and employers themselves don’t have much time to read each resume. So you need to appreciate their time and make your creative resume design for 2016 as readable, as possible. So the main idea is to place the most important and up-to-date information in the most noticeable part of paper. This will help you to focus readers’ attention on really necessary information.

Keep Your Style Professional

Resume is not a writing to show your painting talents. Try to stay away from too many colors, ornamental fonts or irrelevant pictures. Express information in a low-key style, but don’t forget to highlight the most important one. Also you should not use specific words that don’t correspond to the sphere you are applying to. Let an employer understand your personality and style presenting awesome resume.

Use Consistent Color Scheme


It is appropriate to use two or three colors, not turning your resume design for 2016 into a palette. Using colors can say a lot about your tastes, style and professionalism. Moreover, too many colors will distract readers’ attention from the information itself. Also don’t use specific colors that might seem something personal.

Make Charts

This is an opposite technique, where you can use a lot of colors and present information in boxes. The main idea here is to attract readers’ attention with different information and colors presented in many small parts of the paper. In such way it is easy to give short and clear information, listing your skills and experience. Make sure that you use colors that fit together.

Describe Your Skills Clearly

Employers need to understand what you are really worth, so don’t write too many words describing your experience and skills. Make sure you list all appropriate knowledge and talents that you have in a definite sphere. For example, if you are a 3D designer, you should name all professional programs and applications that you know. Moreover, try to use names that are common for a definite sphere, but not that specific language that you were using at your recent job.

Use these techniques and recommendation and you will definitely create a stunning resume design. It will represent the most important and appropriate ideas from resume designs for 2016, as the tendencies in resume designs are changing all the time.

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