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Three Social Sharing Networks you May have Forgotten About

Social, Social and more social. This is the cycle of online world that will not stop that easily. You may have known so many social media or networks. But are you using them all in your day to day life? I know you will node negatively. Most online users use Facebook, Twitter and Linked In. People love these sites as they are more interactive. These sites satisfy users’ psychological desires. So now marketing fellows are taking these social sites quite seriously and the advertisement on these sites have become as important as advertisement with television and radio. Apart from the three sites I have mentioned earlier in the paragraph there are some sites which have not such recognition but they can help you to drive traffic to your site. Here I am trying to provide top 3 of that list. So, have a look to three social sharing networks may be you have forgotten about.

1. Google +


Google has launched this project quite ambitiously. But it has not reached the speed the developers have expected. Nothing to take away from Google, the social platform is now gaining popularity among content developers as well as marketers. The main reason behind this is the network put emphasis over authorship. Marketers can create their profile or their company’s profile. There is no doubt regarding authenticity of the platform so it can act as a portfolio for online freelancers too.

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2. Tumblr


Tumblr is the site with potential. According to my experience this site can increase you reach to a new level. Some marketers keep a distance from the site just as users use it for entertainment sharing too. Facebook has the same case but they can’t ignore the user base of facebook. As far as tumblr is concerned you can built your brand here. You can put a link with description or you have option to submit an article or post too. So it is useful as social sharing site or it can be used as web 2.0 article submission site too. So include this site in your tally too.

3. BizSugar


On this platform you can vote (Or sugar as developers named it) someone else’s conent. If you have used Digg you will find this site familiar. The site is quite user friendly. You can upload your content quite easily. You have to just put the links, descriptions and keywords. There are main categories named as Marketing, technology, Finance, Managements and Start-ups.  The site is quite popular among the entrepreneurs because of its emphasis over small business and fresh ventures.

As I have mentioned earlier there are plenty of such sites which may have been forgotten by you. But we have listed the top 3 which have potential to be great as far as your online presence, reach and traffic is concerned. Overall after two updates from Google you are in search of some fresh sites too. So here are they and you can explore the “www” world by yourself too. We are eagerly waiting to have your opinion.

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