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Top Photoshop plug-ins for web designing

Taking photographs professionally seems to have become a thing of the past not because there aren’t enough enthusiasts, but because even amateurs take such professional photographs these days. With the excellent forms of photo editing software available online as well as the number of devices they can carry easily or the best cameras options they can get with several formats, right from their phones, tablets or well, cameras.

But for web designers, photographic elements are an entirely different ball game. And even photo editing software like Photoshop are not truly enough when it comes to giving a totally professional look to the website. Which is why we have compiled a list of Photoshop plug-ins that you should consider looking into if you are in the process of designing over the web. We promise you will find something to enhance your experience!

Extensis Web Font Plug in For Adobe Photoshop

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  1. Extensis Web Font: One of the best things about Extensis is the fact that you don’t have to buy the typefaces if you want to use them – a blessing for struggling web designers who know only too well that designing online can take quite a few resources as very few good stuff comes for free. Font is a major part of any web design because it can convey a lot, and with Extensis you are guaranteed to find something to fit your needs. There is also the font management software called Suitcase Fusion 3 that you will get to try out with Extensis.
  2. GuideGuide: GuideGuide is a grid system software that allows you to build your own template system by giving you exact guides on how to do that. You can place guides manually on your pixel sheet, and with Guide Guide you’ll see you make no mistake when it comes to placing your grid accurately over pixels. A very good plugin for those who struggle with that very issue.
  3. PhotoShop Secret Shortcuts: All right, who will not be incited to try this plug in especially when it comes with a name like that? But apart from the name, the plug in itself serves what it claims. You will find so much advice on how to boost the performance of your Photoshop here that you will start to wonder how you ever operated without it. This plug in is not new, but it is well updated and so useful that it had to be on the list. Make Photoshop perform faster and find a series of shortcuts to become more efficient.
  4. Subtle Patterns: For those of you who dislike being too covert about your web patterns, you will find a whole list of textures, patterns and designs to use at Subtle Patterns. As the name suggest, you’ll probably find something really sophisticated which we can but encourage, going with the philosophy of less is more, but the options are so beautiful you might just find yourself overdoing it a bit.
  5. Software Cinema: This plug in is best suited for you if you are looking for lighting solutions to your design. Get trained in how well to use your photographs, what brightness will suit your web design and how you can use Photoshop to your advantage by placing the best picture and manipulating it with editing.
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