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30 Unique Tribal Tattoos Designs Ideas – Polynesian Simple Tattoos

It is a strong belief of most people, and they associate specific tattoos to people living in a particular community. In some places, it is also a ritual and is a solid part of spiritual beliefs and aesthetics. The ritual I most common in the warriors of the tribes. Tribal tattoos have multiple purposes that vary from one specific tribe to another. There are many islands in the world which have some specific tattoos associated with the residents. Here are some of the famous tribal tattoos which are really famous worldwide.

Maori tattoos on face

These are the tattoos which are printed on the face. The reason behind utilising this place of the body for the tattooing purpose is that they believe the head is blessed part of our body. There are some of the distinctions in the designs of this tattoo. The distinction occurs in the prestige, social status as well as in the ranking of the person wearing it. The crafting of these tattoos is so amazing that all the people wearing these tattoos have different designs. The equipment used to carve the tattoos on the skin involve knives and chisels. Every design is made especially with the help of these shapes and forms. As the procedure shows that it is really a painful task to do.

Tribal Tattoos - Simple Tattoos On face

Mayan and Aztec Deities

These tattoos are made specifically to represent the ethnic group believing in Mesoamerican Gods. The main distinct feature is that they are much bolder and clear in representation. The civilisation of this ethnic group is famous for the drawings of wild animals, ghosts, and demons. In 2012 Mayan-predicted the end of the world after which the fame of these tattoos flourished. There are different types of designs which are associated with special occupations. Just as the soldiers have special kind of tattoos like Tezcatlipoca. This is the sign of protection for the soldiers.

Samoan animal abstract styles

These are really common. You must have seen many people wearing the tattoos similar to the animal designs and shapes. This is also the most eminent form of tribal tattoos because of the fame it holds. There are specific designs for different genders. The purpose behind having these tattoos is to get protection from the wild animals. The trend in these areas is to live in the wildlife and in those areas protection against such things is really necessary. For any kind of protection, either sea or land, this is really necessary. The commonly used designs include the sun rays, Marquesan cross, and ocean swirls.

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The thing that is most important while wearing tribal tattoos is that you should feel proud and comfortable with the respective tribal representation. If not, you will not own it which will ultimately lead to multiple complications. If you have a strong belief and attraction towards any particular group, you can have their tribal tattoos carved on your skin. The places of your body on which you can have these tattoos vary according to the type you are having.

Unique Tribal Tattoos Designs Ideas

Tribal Tattoos ideas on Shoulder

Tribal Tattoos ideas on Shoulder

Tattoos ideas on Shoulder

Tattoos design ideas on Shoulder

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