Vintage Clothing Fashion latest trend in Europe

Vintage Clothing Fashion in Europe

When it comes to latest fashion trend across Europe, then vintage clothing fashion is something that has been and is still in fashion all over. There are highly popular and renowned fashion designers, who are famous for designing exquisite and sophisticated vintage clothing. Vintage boutiques can be seen in large number across Europe, which are mirroring history in the form of their clothes and other accessories.

Vintage clothing fashion has been talk of the towns across Europe since years. Those, who want to look trendy and fashionable, they are emptying their pockets on vintage clothing and accessories. It is the wave of love for this fashion due to which you would spot the best vintage fashion stored across Europe.

Despite the fact that countless monarchs influenced Renaissance fashion, the Tudor monarchs of England had probably the essential impact on Western European fashions of the sixteenth century.  And out of those monarchs, the most influential had been Henry VIII and Elizabeth I.

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vintage clothing fashion

Vintage clothing fashion stores

1. Paris – Vintage

This vintage boutique is located in Barcelona. This boutique is owned by a French native whose name is Dorian. She has dedicated her whole like to everything that has to do with fashion. She has gained so much of experience in the field of fashion that if you will visit her store then at one glance at you she can tell you what could suit you the most from her collection.

2. Paris  – Free P Star

This store is located in the most visited place; Parisian sophistication. It has a basement, where you can go by stepping down the wobbly ladder. Where you can spot on the stock displayed in the form of high risen piles. This boutique is worthy to be visited in the boutique street.

3. Krakow – Mulholland Drive

For all the vintage fashion lovers, this vintage boutique is a must visit place. This place is although famous for vintage clothing and the vintage mind. For those, who want are in love with a dream like vintage clothing, they must spend money there.

4. Cydonia Vintage

This is one of the most favorite vintage shots at Budapest local Timea. This shop was established by a mother and her daughter. They both were fond of vintage fashion. If you are fond of the fashion from 20th century, then you can buy the best of shirts, skirts, dresses and excellent accessories from here.

5. Vintage and Rags

For colorful pants, jackets, shirts and other occasional accessories, this shop is best place to visit. Wearing anything from this shop is going to bring the past to your present. This boutique brings back the fashion from 1950’s.

6. Antwerp: Jutka and Riska

There are different tastes of people, who are in love with vintage fashion clothing. This store is going to become a love for those, who want luxury clothing. It is a small, but highly a luxurious store. You are going to see high-fi vintage designers’ clothing there.

7. Berlin: Sign Blackbird

If you want to live a vintage lifestyle, then this store is going to provide you every single thing to live a vintage life. Starting from the vintage clothing to accessories like shoes, bags, spectacles; you are going to get hands on the best of all. and cherry on the cake is that you, being a shopper over there, can get a chance of having a glance on vintage collection of books, while eating a slice of homemade piece of cake.

8. Dublin : Om Diva

This vintage boutique is in Dublin. It is situated in the area that is full of experimental designed clothing shops. Ruth Ni Loinsigh is running this shop successfully. He has special attention on the Irish trends that are clearly seen in the designs that he makes.

9. The Frayed Hem

In Edinburgh, this is one of the best vintage boutiques. For the fashion that dates back to the 50’s, you have to visit this boutique. You will see neatly placed dresses and accessories, decorated with leather suitcases, singer sewing machines, Chinese crockery and old books.

10. Copenhagen: FN92

Those, who want to add glamour to their vintage look, for them this store is the best place to visit. You will find high class bridal and evening wear. For vintage accessory lovers, here’s an exciting thing to know, you people can buy fancy hats, exquisite brooches and what not.


Above mentioned are the best places, from where you can buy vintage clothing fashion items with great ease. To become the center of attention of any upcoming ball, you have to visit this high store, which is marked as the best for vintage clothing fashion. We hope you like collection, do let us know in the comments section below.

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