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Through our work on designsmag.com and a number of other websites that we manage, we have tried a number of hosting companies. We ended up hosting most of our sites on Bluehost. Designsmag is hosted on Bluehost. Therefore, when it comes to web hosting we definitely recommended Bluehost and Justhost. Please note that we obtain a small commission if you choose to signup with one of those companies. Our recommendation is based on our great experience that we have with those two companies. We stand strong behind our recommendations.

Blue Host

web hosting by bluehost
Bluehost is the top recommended host on WordPress. Bluehost offers the fastest WordPress Hosting; we have tested it. So if you are running a WordPress site or you are thinking about it we definitely recommend Bluehost. Bluehost uses custom built servers; this provides the most stable and reliable hosting environment.

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Just Host

The perfect budget web hosting service! Justhost’s hosting solution includes everything you need to put your business or personal site online.

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