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Why Android is better than IOS

Few information about Why Android is better than IOS

The process in which a new application has been created for android operating system, it is commonly known as android application development. Within couple of years more than 2billions android software has been created by android developers for the sake of android lovers. If you compare android operating system to IOS, you will notice that from the year 2010 android is the leading platform across the globe. Here is little comparison from which you will be able to understand which operation system is better:

Smart user Interface:

As all of us are aware that android user interface has been continuously developing and vigorously changing from the beginning of this OS. The latest Android 4.0 technology has elegance and innovations from the assistance of Google. The best feature of android 4.0 is its navigator buttons for instance menu, back, multitasking buttons which discriminates this version from others. Whereas, IOS has only a single navigator button or you can call it as home button. For this, android OS can provide better user interface which makes a phone very user friendly.


Android OS can perform faster than IOS due to its dual core processor.IOS consist of single core processor for which you can work on a slower speed.

Browsing speed:

If you compare android phones default browser with IOS, you will see that android will win for sure. Because IOS default browser comes with perplexed programs which slows down the speed of the internet a lot. The android OS browser is completely easy to use and comes with optical bookmarks which help a lot to every android user.

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Comparison between applications:

Android OS has been developed by Giant Google which provides and supports more than 5 billons of applications where as IOS has been developed by Apple Inc.IOS has only 50,000 applications. Android provides free Google calendar, Google earth, Google voice, Google translator and also chrome. Regularly you can find more than 10 new applications from android market.

Firmware change:

If you consider firmware changing, you can never change it on your IOS. But in android, you can easily change your present firmware to an updated version which will assist you to use many new applications.

Keyboard installing:

It is very easy to change the screen keyboard of your android device. But the IOS never supports keyword installation.

Storing capability of data:

Power management and virtual memory has been provided by Linux, basically android works on Linux. Every android allocations are developed with rich and customizable contents which assist every android user to use the live content from widgets.IOS never prides this much of data storage capacity.

Platform kit tool:

Google manufactured their platform development kit to assist hardware developers to create new version of android. People nowadays choose android more than IOS due to the number of functions provided by Android. With the new cutting edge smart technology android is developing more and more to produce immense number of applications along with new facilities, without spending extra money you can use them.

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